Ferrari GTB Red

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Security Deposit: $500-2000
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Includes: 100 miles per day I Extra miles $3/mile
Transmission: 7-speed automatic
Seats: 2
Engine: 4.5L V8
0-60mph in: 3,4 sec
MSRP: 300,000 $
Horse Power: 540

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History of Ferrari GTB Red

This Italian corporation was founded in 1947 as one of the main sponsors of the professional racers. In the same year, the brand showed the first sports car, which marked the beginning of the group’s success. By 2008, it had produced nearly 7,000 sports and racing chariots. At the moment, the concern is the most popular company not only for prof drivers but also for simple connoisseurs of high speed and perfect power.

The GTB series was first shown to the public in 2015. Auto lovers of this corporation highly appreciated the improved mid-engine. A little later, more advanced models appeared that differed in even more power and speed parameters. One of the most outstanding vehicles is the Ferrari 488 GTE. This racing automobile showed ideal characteristics on the track and therefore the improved version of the Ferrari GTB Red became a favorite of Formula 1.

Why choose Ferrari GTB Red: benefits of the car

The history of Ferrari GTB in red color shows how the chariot of this line has gradually developed and improved its capabilities. This is a flawless sporty style that complements your image of a strong and independent personality. Try the opportunities of this super racer which could give more than 300 km/h. If you plan to visit a party then your image might be attractive and irresistible with this gorgeous automobile.

If you think about why to choose Ferrari GTB, then we will offer you several solutions. This steel monster is a great choice for flashy photoshoots because it is stylish, modern, and chic. Also, such a model is chosen by customers for a romantic walk on the Miami promenade along the sea to enjoy the sunset. Go to the empty suburban roads to test this incredible speed and power.
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