Bentley GTC V8S

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Security Deposit: $500-2000
Deposit is refundable after your trip

Includes: 100 miles per day I Extra miles $3/mile
Transmission: Automatic
Seats: 4
Engine: 4.0L V8
0-60mph in: 4.5 sec
MSRP: $192,000
Horse Power: TBD

Powerful and luxurious Bentley GT Convertible V8S is one of Florida's faves for summer car rental deals. Its exquisite noble appearance together with fluid movement and superior comfort makes it an ideal choice if you plan a delightful open-air drive in beautiful settings. Start the engine and enjoy the journey! Bentley rental for a low price in Miami lets you experience its outstanding charisma.

Performance and main features

The steering is enjoyable, it seems like Bentley feels you as it immediately responds to every move. Suspension eliminates shocks so that the road feels very smooth. GTC V8S model is equipped with highly technological components and systems such as:
  • Sportive air suspension.
  • Multimedia display.
  • Multi channel audio system.
  • Led headlamps.
  • Adaptive cruise control.
  • Components providing intelligent driving.

For those who like to make people stare, Bentley GT Convertible is just the right choice. Charismatic exterior with the black grill and leather salon shows its driver's style. It's no surprise that this spectacular cabriolet place holds the top spot and has landed on the TOP-10 bead-roll of weekend rental cars, as this a speedy companion that makes any holiday unforgettable.
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