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Bentley Rental Miami Beach, Florida

Great Britain is a country of aristocratic people with good manners and high-standard life. That is why it is not a surprise that British automotive brand Bentley became one of the most renowned motor corporations in the world. Its values and aspiration to produce extremely qualitative vehicles made this company a real flagship one on the global scale. It is worth noting that Bentley is a brand with a long history and different stages of development. In comparison with young automotive incorporations like Tesla, their first car appeared long ago - in the 1920s.

There are numerous significant features of the upmarket brand from the United Kingdom to take into consideration. For example, now Bentley-branded models are the most top-ranking convertibles, coupe, and cars of other types. One more thing that is worth mentioning is about collections of luxury goods that the British company offers for its fans. More details will be highlighted below. Plunge into the world of exclusive cars and other peculiarities with the aristocratic atmosphere and high-status charm.

Our agency is the number one in the USA that makes a specialty out of the luxury car rental. We could not leave such a popular auto-maker without attention. That is why our autopark contains several Bentley-branded iron beauties. But let us return to the subject of the MHP Exotic Car Rentals services later. We suggest you to find out more about the top-ranking manufacturer from Great Britain, its values, standards, and visual concepts.

Bentley Rental at MHP Exotic Car Rentals: Grandeur and Elegance

MHP Exotic Car Rentals provides a unique opportunity to experience true grandeur and luxury by giving you the opportunity to drive one of the most prestigious car brands in the world - Bentley. Bentley is a symbol of status, sophistication and splendor, and renting this car turns every trip into an unforgettable experience.

Bentley: An Icon of British Style and Quality

Bentley has always been synonymous with British luxury and sophistication. Each Bentley car is a work of art created using advanced technology and handmade of the highest quality. Bentley provides drivers and passengers with a unique driving experience with cutting-edge technology and incomparable comfort.

MHP Exotic Car Rentals offers you a variety of Bentley models to rent, including the elegant Bentley Continental GT, the luxurious Bentley Flying Spur and the mighty Bentley Bentayga. Each model has its own unique feature and character, but they all provide incredibly comfortable and stylish driving.

Why Is Renting a Bentley at MHP Exotic Car Rentals Your Best Choice?

  • Luxury and Elegance: Bentleys are cars that embody grandeur and style. You will be surrounded by luxury in every detail.
  • Prestige and Status: Renting a Bentley is a demonstration of your high status and impeccable taste.
  • Professionalism and Service: MHP Exotic Car Rentals prides itself on a high level of customer service and support to make your rental experience as comfortable as possible.
  • Flexible Rental Terms: We provide flexible rental terms to meet your needs. You can rent a Bentley for a day, a weekend or even for a long time.
  • Unique Experience: Bentley provides an indescribable driving experience that you will remember forever.

How to Book a Bentley at MHP Exotic Car Rentals

Booking your Bentley is simple. Contact our team and we will help you choose the right model and agree on rental dates. Whether you need a Bentley for a special event, wedding, business meeting or just for fun, MHP Exotic Car Rentals will make your trip unforgettable.

Renting a Bentley at MHP Exotic Car Rentals is a unique opportunity to enter the world of luxury, in which every trip becomes a special event. Enjoy British splendor and express your style by choosing a Bentley for your next adventure.

Retail and rental prices on Bentley automobiles

It is high time to discuss the most contemporary ones that would make your trips unbelievable. Our assortment includes two awesome Bentley-badged iron horses restyled in 2020. Take a look at the latest British entries you deserve for sure:

  • Bentley Continental GT White – a snow-white racer of a Grand Tourer Class will be the great solution for those who would like to feel like masters of the road and kings of their life. This is a spacious and very fast convertible with a luxurious leather compartment and stylish exterior. By the way, its market price is rather high – willing consumers have a possibility to purchase Continental GT White for $205,000. At the same time our rental costs are affordable for everyone – make a reservation of this furious beast at $480 per day.
  • Bentley GTC Mulliner – if you like a happy blend of black and bright red color, this tourer is for you. A glamorous black-colored exterior harmonizes perfectly with the reddish compartment. This is a convertible of the new generation. Attract attention from everyone in the evening when the headlights are switched on and the GTC Mulliner carries you over the highways, and calm resort streets. The retail pricing book is about $207,000 when our offer is more attractive and budget-friendly for you – reserve an auto of your dreams only for $780 a day.
  • Bentley GTC Mulliner Gold is the same model of Bentley GTC Mulliner, but in a luxurious gold color. This luxury car combines elegance and power. Powered by a mighty 6.0-liter V12 engine, this car has an astounding 626 horsepower and an impressive 664 lb-ft of torque. With its stunning dynamics and acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in just 3 seconds, the Bentley GT Mulliner Gold provides an indescribable driving experience. The market value of Bentley GTC Mulliner Gold starts from $350,000, but thanks to our company MHP Exotic Car Rentals, you can rent this masterpiece for just $780 per day. This is a unique opportunity to enjoy all the advantages of this outstanding car, feeling like a real celebrity on the roads. Don't miss the chance to experience the luxury and power of the Bentley GTC Mulliner Gold today.
  • Bentley Flying Spur is the epitome of luxury and power. Powered by a 6.0-liter W12 engine, it impresses with 626 horsepower and 664 lb-ft of torque. With its 0-100 km/h acceleration in just 3.8 seconds, Bentley Flying Spur provides an indescribable driving experience. High-end technology and refined design make this sedan the pinnacle of luxury and performance. The market value of the Bentley Flying Spur starts from $208,000, but in our company MHP Exotic Car Rentals you can rent it for only $1000 per day, having the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of this outstanding car.
  • Bentley Bentayga White is the epitome of style and power in the world of luxury. It is powered by a powerful 4.0-liter V8 engine that develops an impressive 542 horsepower and 568 lb-ft of torque. With such power, Bentayga White is able to accelerate to 100 km/h in just 4.4 seconds. This SUV combines outstanding performance with the luxury and comfort of a Bentley. The market value of Bentley Bentayga White starts from $470,000, but in our company MHP Exotic Car Rentals you can rent this exceptional car for only $850 per day. This gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of luxury and style, enjoying the power of Bentayga White in your next adventure.
  • Bentley GTC V8S is a sports version of the iconic convertible Bentley Continental GTC. Powered by a powerful 4.0-liter V8 engine, it produces an impressive 521 horsepower and 502 lb-ft of torque. With 0-100 km/h acceleration in just 4.5 seconds, Bentley GTC V8S provides you with an exciting driving experience outdoors. The luxurious interior and modern technology make this convertible the pinnacle of comfort and style. The market value of Bentley GTC V8S may vary depending on additional options and configuration, but starts from approximately $230,000. At MHP Exotic Car Rentals, you can rent this magnificent car and enjoy its power and style for just $1,100 per day.

The great solution for those who dream to become a temporary owner of the steel horse with aristocratic exterior, pompous interior, and powerful technical specifications. We offer the best conditions for Miami travelers and guests from other Florida-based corners. You will be pleased with affordable prices, a wide range of supplementary options like wedding cortege or chauffeur together with car delivery options, and hospitable managers who are ready to assist you in the 24/7 mode.

About Bentley Brand

The founder of the famous concern is W.O. Bentley. His idea was to create an exceptional car that would meet all the consumers’ expectations and drivers’ demands. This conception was a really successful one because the performance even of their pioneer vehicle was impressive. The first release of the Bentley-branded model took place in London in 1919.

This year was the most demonstrative both for the inspired founder and his team. The New Street Mews car was highly appreciated by experts, beau-monde, celebrities, and rich people who wanted to feel comfortable aboard their private means of transportations. This is the first page of the Bentley history but not the last one.

The dedicated British team started to develop furious racers that combined both the most exclusive style and great power on the road. The motto of the company became the main reason for their activities and progress of the UK-based incorporation.

The founder wanted to create the first-class automobile and show the world all his possibilities. It is worth noting that the top manufacturer from Great Britain did not leave without attention other significant details that influenced its popularity and development. It means that even such small trifles like logo, graphical identity, and social life were over the barrel.

Renowned logo and rebranding

It is well-understandable that years are flowing, and even the most powerful auto-makers need some fresh decisions to implement for their brand design promotion. Nevertheless, the logo of the UK manufacturer has stayed the same for these 100 years. The letter B with iconic wings around is the strongest association with Bentley, its model range, and product collections. Different promotional items and other advertising material included this symbol.

The founder’s friend Crosby created the flying logo for automobiles and the company at all in 1920. The pioneer picture contained asymmetric feathers on the wings and the capital letter B in the center. Some experts consider the Bentley-branded sign as the loud statement: “Our cars are so fast as flying birds in the sky!”. Everyone was sure in the 190s that this logo would never be changed. But we understand that it is impossible with our extremely quick innovations, discoveries, and technical progress. The visualization should suit the latest tendencies on the market, and the Bentley team knew that fact the best.

Bentley-labeled visual identity

That is why the B-centered logo with beautiful silver wings was changed several times during this long period. The identity of the most necessary symbol was updated in the mid-1930s when the quantity of feathers became equal from the left and right sides. The wings were streamlined, and this change turned the logo into the symmetric picture with a more attractive background. Some dozens of years later the one more rebranding procedure took place. The team of experienced designers decided to add more volume to the Bentley sign. It makes the picture even more:

  • contemporary
  • exciting
  • attractive for spectators.

When the Bentley holding had an anniversary date in 2019, the key decision was to mention this information on the logo. Now, we can see that some promotional brochures, TV advertising videos, and other visual-identity units contain two numbers next to the letter B. The Bentley-branded symbol has the 1919 date as the starting point of the company’s development and 2019 as the pride for the long way to success and customers’ confidence in the leading British manufacturer.

The Bentley model range – before and these later days

Bentley boys were very popular in the mid-30s of the 20th century. They were motor enthusiasts who knew everything about perfect automobiles. Moreover, they created those racers and invited more and more fans to join their community. Now, the phrase “Bentley boys” is like a powerful association to the luxury lifestyle and rich youth. Nevertheless, remember that in the very beginning that group of young gentlemen struggled for ideal vehicles and development of motor technology.

Speaking about early Bentley-branded model range, it is worth mentioning that both technical specifications and design were important for creators. Let’s remember the pioneer tourer named Blower. It was developed for races in 1929 but the vehicle had significant style and vibrant lines. Then, the Blower model appeared on the market as the average tourer for British roads.

One more interesting version among Bentley-branded ancestors is Speed-Six. It was an entry in 1930. The notable feature of this 6-liter racer was the former shape of B-branded cars. The fantastic story of success was suddenly interrupted because of the Great Depression.

Nevertheless, the UK concern came back in some years, having presented some shares of the motor incorporation to Rolls-Royce Limited. The second renowned stage of development was in the mid-70s when the model range enlarged, and the following chariots appeared on the global market:

Additionally, T-series vehicles were created in the 70s. Both T1 and T2 racers contain high-grade materials, exceptional design concept, and powerful tech characteristics. The exterior was significantly changed in the mid-90s. The Hollywood films demonstrated Crew Vickers of blue, black, white, and other colors as the symbol of high-standard life and pompous society. For example, Bentley Muslanne, Turbo R, Brooklands became high-demandable chariots in Europe.

The contemporary era of Bentley-labeled automotive masterpieces started in the 21st century. Now, consumers have an opportunity to purchase different models like the following autos mentioned in the list presented below:

An alternative way to become a driver of Bentley-branded tourers

The MHP Exotic Car Rentals provides qualitative rental service to residents of Florida cities and towns and for willing guests of all resort locations there. Why is it a good idea to book some bestsellers of the motor market instead of buying it? First, it is a much more affordable solution for those who want to feel comfortable aboard their means of transportation. Secondly, you have a great opportunity to choose a new tourer almost every day. Among our supplementary options are:

  • Apartment booking
  • Yacht reservation
  • Chauffeur service
  • Car delivery
  • Photo sets with luxury autos.

Photo sessions with Bentley cars in Miami

When we analyzed the automotive market several years ago, our dedicated team discovered one tendency in resort cities. It is even more similar to the trend because this direction is becoming more and more popular every day. Guests of sunny Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and other locations that are interesting for travelers in state Florida aspire to save their memories in the form of numerous bright photos made by talented masters.

Exclusive offer for Florida resort visitors

Be tender or a strict boss, show your love or high-hat manners, be confident with your photographer and get wonderful, bright, professional photos at the end of the photoset. Do not be afraid of experiments. You see, sometimes the standers-by with much more experience and knowledge see more than posing consumers. Relax and feel like a real model who is guided by the virtuosic camera clicker.

Count on our high-grade supplementary option that includes bright photo sessions with elite cars in Miami and other Florida-based locations. Additionally, you can order other services together with the photo shoot in the resort city. It may be auto delivery to the specified place or chauffeur for hustle-free driving experience.

If you are planning your wedding ceremony in Miami or another town next to the ocean, take into account our cortege chariots to feel the happiest couple in love on the most important day of your newborn family! The Bentley-labeled iron horse will harmonize with your elegant looks of bride and groom for sure.

Where your photo session can take place?

We know everything about the best locations, the most unbelievable Florida-based destinations, all exciting activities and entertainment possibilities. Open the world of this US gem with us. Let's take a closer look at the most-visited places in Miami and in other cities and towns of Florida.

  • Miami Beach - this the biggest beach with numerous amusement capabilities to take into consideration. Besides sunbathing and swimming, you can count on the interesting show programs, sports games, restaurants, and water activities there. Do not miss your opportunity to visit Miami Beach this summer and plunge into the world of fun and pleasure!
  • Hollywood - the place where your dreams might come true, and some PR manager would like to sign up the contract with you. Why not? Impossible is nothing. Nevertheless, the atmosphere here is ultimate. Many tourists, luxurious autos, and good-looking ladies with ideal manicures are crossing streets, visiting exhibitions, and the perk of Hollywood – Walk of Fame.
  • Everglades National Park – you will be impressed with green American crocodiles, black panthers, and other animals. It is not a zoo or some other form of establishment where all the species live in cages or imprisonment conditions. All animals and birds feel well there and please visitors with their true wildlife activities.

We aspire to make your recreational or business trip extremely convenient. But at the same time our dedicated team does not forget about affordable pricing policy to make your embezzlements not so sizable. Compare market price-tags and our rental costs on the Bentley-badged autos yourself.

Miami in All Its Glory: A Journey on a Bentley

Renting a Bentley in Miami opens up many opportunities for you to explore this amazing city with maximum comfort and style. Here are a few iconic places worth visiting on your rented Bentley:

  • South Beach. Take a ride on South Beach in your Bentley and enjoy the views of the ocean and the white sandy beaches. This place is famous for its lively atmosphere, trendy restaurants and cafes, as well as incredible sunsets.
  • Art Deco Historic District. Renting a Bentley will allow you to appreciate the Art Deco atmosphere by walking along Ocean Drive in the historic Art Deco district. Here you will find colorful and stylish buildings decorated in this unique style.
  • Wynwood Walls. Visit Wynwood Walls on your Bentley to enjoy street artwork and graffiti from world artists. This cultural area is always changing, so many new and amazing works of art are waiting for you.
  • Little Havana. Immerse yourself in the culture of Cuba by visiting Little Havana. Taste authentic Cuban dishes, listen to live Latin American music and enjoy the atmosphere of this amazing neighborhood.
  • Everglades. Take a walk through the Everglades National Park, where you can take exciting water excursions, watch alligators and explore the unique flora and fauna of this amazing place.
  • Art Basel Miami Beach. If you get to Miami in December, don't miss the opportunity to visit Art Basel Miami Beach, one of the most important events in the world of contemporary art. Many galleries, exhibitions and events are waiting for you.
  • Star Island Villas. Take a ride on your Bentley on Star Island and look at the magnificent villas and houses of world celebrities. This place provides magnificent views and an atmosphere of luxury.
  • Bayfront Park. Stop at Bayfront Park to enjoy scenic views of Biscayne Bay and see the famous Freedom Tower. This place also offers cozy squares and fountains.

Renting a Bentley in Miami will allow you to make every trip unforgettable. From beaches and cultural areas to natural wonders and majestic celebrity villas, Miami provides endless opportunities to explore. On your Bentley, every ride becomes part of an unforgettable story that you will remember all your life.

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