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BMW Rental Miami Beach, Florida

BMW chariots have always been under the radar of the public attention. Each model associates with the power and safe drive. People who owned BMW-labeled automobiles were lucky ones at the end of the 20th century because the well-known manufacturer had never produced poor racers with low-grade technical specifications and design.

The MHP Exotic Car Rentals company offers the best modern BMW-branded supercars of different types. You can make a reservation for a spacious SUV or be pleased with the furious ride aboard the sports car with drop-top options and high-level compartment.

And now it is high time to plunge in the world of the German high-standard manufacturing. Know more about the history of the renowned brand development and stay impressed by the long way to the sizeable success of the biggest car-make of all the times.

History of BMW brand

Everything started long ago in Germany. The famous automotive incorporation appeared in 1913. But as it usually happens, the story began under another name. The former company that was a trigger-off one for BMW concern development was Rapp-Motorenwerke GmbH that made a specialty out of aircraft engine production.

When the First World War began, this manufacturer created various automotive details and other mechanisms for the German army. It provided Rapp-labeled aircraft engines to the air fleet of their native country. It was well-understandable that in the period of wat and even in the post-war years the demand on private means of transportation was rather low.

That is why the former BMW holding continued to manufacture engines for the German air force. People aspired to have food and a roof above their heads. Most Germans worked hard to restore everything after the war battles. The most popular transport in Germany in 1913-1918 was train for long-distance travelling and any public transportation units that were available at those times.

It is worth noting that the main headquarter of the Rapp-Motorenwerke GmbH was located in Munich. The Bavarian capital was that place where the big number of engines were produced. In 1916 the Munich-based factory that made a specialty out of engine fitting into the aircraft body turned out to be a bankrupt. It was decided to change the Rapp-Motorenwerke brand into another name. The new official title of the incorporation became Bayerische Motoren Werke. You can see that this word combination creates a well-known abbreviation BMW.

A new stage of the BMW-labeled corporation development

In 1918 the specialization of the BMW-labeled stock company significantly changed. The war ended and the demand on the aircraft engine decreased. Nevertheless, the German manufacturer found it profitable to produce railway brakes together with built-in motors for automotive models.

The idea was great, and stocks of the holding grew in price. There were numerous orders and such a significant collaboration with the best brakes-maker - the agreement with the Knorr-Bremse AG holding brought the fame and new clients to the young and ambitious BMW.

A step back is not always a bad idea

Sometimes we need to move back to analyze the situation. Or some reasons for this decision can be uncontrollable like the BMW-badged company had in 1922. It is worth reminding that the German manufacturing structure was a stock factory. It means that all the rights were under the control of the main investor.

The main shareholder of the Knorr-Bremse AG bought all the branded information and renamed the incorporation to BFM (Bayeriche Frugzeugwerke AG). Nevertheless, the development continued, and the range of services was enlarged. Together with built-in motors, the motorcycles and lorry mechanisms started to be produced.

Munich became the true capital of the German automotive industry in the 1920s due to the former BMW-labeled concern. It is worth noting that in this period of time new entries were released. Among them are the following novelties:

  • The motorcycle R 32 – the date of its release was 1923. The powerful engine, big wheels, and stylish design attracted the attention of numerous people.
  • BMW 303 – the first self-developed car in retro style with giant wheel arches and a happy blend of red and black colors. It is useless to say that the engine was powerful and not similar to other ones on the market as well.

A renowned logo and rebranding

Speaking about the logo, it is worth mentioning that there are many legends around the emblem. Most experts state that the symbol means the rotating propel. It is explained with the help of the advertising video where the airplane was pictured with the logo on its wind-stick. Chairmen say that it is some kind of misconception.

The main idea of the modern BMW-badged logo is to depict colors of Bavaria (the native GDR state of the manufacturer). The propeller is not the main idea of the emblem. This picture means freedom and balance that are major values of the famous incorporation. The last rebranding took place in 2020 when the border lines of the round-shaped logo were changed into grey color. This designing solution is not used for modern racers’ exterior. It is a rebranding style for technical documentation and in-house branded papers.

The Second World War – the second stage of BMW development

When the Second World War started, the BMW-branded manufacturer continued to create aircraft engines for German airplanes. It was more profitable for the motor holding than spend time and money on creation of other vehicle conceptions. The decline of the company took place at the end of the war when all the factories were significantly bombed.

But here we see the real phoenix rising self-born from the ashes. According to the historical facts, the concern was banned to produce motor technique at all in the post-war period. Nevertheless, the chairmen decided to focus on the manufacturing of other goods like:

  • Pots
  • Pans
  • Bicycles
  • Other household appliances.

Only in 1948, the Bayerische Motoren Werke started their production of new motorcycles and returned to the automotive market. The auto manufacturing facilities were restored only in the 1950s. The first auto-making factory was reopened in Bavaria. Several years after, new BMW-branded sedans appeared for sale. These models were officially released in 1962. These automobiles were notable with their compact size and powerful technical parameters.

The BMW-badged model range – before and these other days

Starting with sedans in the 1960s, the German car-maker did not waste time. This period of time is notable with new coupe and other luxurious model production. The world knew about the BMW-labeled holding. New sedans and other types of cars grew in popularity. The mid-size sedan range got worldwide fame in the 1970s.

Additionally, in 1972 absolutely new models came to the market. The concern offered BMW 6 Series coupe racers that blew minds both of motor experts and consumers worldwide. It is worth noting that the BMW-branded company is almost the only automotive representative that does not have unreleased concepts of vehicles at all.

All their projects are implemented and their realization has always caused a real boom in mass media. For example, the hot-topic entry BMW Z3 is considered a bestselling 2-seater roadster even now. The same situation with the etalon SUV X5 that hit all the sale records. Today’s model range is also very wide.

The MHP Exotic Car Rentals offers to have an unforgettable ride aboard the best of them. Our autopark contains the latest entries – chariots that were released or restyled in 2018, 2019, and 2020. The pedantry and attentiveness to details are key features of the German flagship car-maker. Are you ready to see the true value of this statement?

An alternative way to become a driver of BMW-branded tourers

The new era of service is right here. It is useless to search for taxi providers and check the schedule of public transportation in the Florida-based resort cities. We have prepared a better solution for comfort lovers. Rent a convenient and extremely attractive BMW-badged roadster to feel a master of your life.

Our agency is a top-ranking one in Miami and other FL locations. Count on our professionalism and affordable pricing policy. All our guests are satisfied with all available options that they can choose from. Besides hot-topic rental offers, we obtain supplementary services to opt for:

  • Yacht booking
  • Apartment reservation
  • Personal driver
  • Wedding cortege
  • Car delivery
  • Professional photo sessions

We can become your reliable assistant right after you have landed in the airport. Order a transfer and start your VIP journey with us. By the way, the photosets with our luxurious and elegant tourers is a wonderful idea because you have an opportunity to capture a moment. Bank on the unlimited capabilities and hustle-free driving experience.

If you would like to spend time absolutely carelessly, ask for managers for the chauffeur together with a photographer. This way you can plunge into the world of high-class entertainment and interesting sightseeing without any problems. Alcohol beverages are also accessible for you now! Cheers!

Photo sessions with BMW-labeled automobiles in Miami

The time of your vacation is limited. But not feel limited in your desires and aspirations. There is too little time for everything. Do not waste it on waiting for a local bus or calling the taxi service. Additionally, do not miss your chance to collect all the memories about this happy, hot, and sunny summer.

We are here to help you to capture all unbelievable moments and fill your albums with new bright pictures. The photo sessions with luxury racers is an affordable option you must take into account. We assist our consumers in themed parties, create romantic love stories, and help with their on-camera posing.

Exclusive offer for Florida resort visitors

Having reserved our photographer for a day, you get a real helper and faithful friend who knows everything about modeling, shooting, and good mood. Our photo-makers do not leave without attention to any detail because even the tiny trifle can spoil the whole fantastic picture. Be honest in your emotions, and everything would be great!

Where your photo session can take place?

Additionally, we can help you to plan your sightseeing route. Complement your walking around the beautiful places with the photoset. There are numerous parks, beaches, and other perks in Miami. You may go to the suburb and enjoy the sunset with the breathtaking background of local landscapes. Our talented photo-makers will only capture your happy eyes and smile!

Only imagine what a perfect set of pics you would receive at the end of your journey. It comes to you – what image to create. It is possible to look like a lady vamp or a successful businessman, a sexy girl next to the elite convertible or a handsome boy staying above the hood of the exotic racer!

It sounds awesome, isn’t it? If you are ready to make your trip ideal, we are here and waiting for your order. Now, you can take a look at the BMW-branded model range we suggest to rent. Compare their retail price-tags with our affordable rental costs. And know more about the peculiarities of these German masterpieces.

Retail and rental prices on BMW-labeled automobiles

Our garage contains only the latest entries that have already become bestsellers. All the performed below racers are available for our consumers without any exceptions. Take a look at the actual bead-roll of the chariots with the German-like punctuality, strictness, and passion:

  • BMW M850 – the best variant for sunny Miami and other FL-based resort cities. The sports car of 2020 has a stylish brown-colored compartment and exotic exterior with vibrant lines. Its rental cost is not high-sky – only $350. At the same time, the snow-white M850 babe is accessible on the market for $89,000.
  • BMW M4 Competition Sport – an awesome aesthetic satisfaction is guaranteed if you are aboard this magic tourer. The supercar looks perfect on the Miami roads and makes people scrag. Rent it only for $400 or be ready to purchase this blue-colored masterpiece released in 2019 for $100,000.
  • BMW I8 Roadster White – it is also one of the latest entries of the BMW-labeled concern. Do not miss your chance to have a ride aboard this roadster with the turbocharged 1.5-liter engine and well-rounded body shape. Its rental cost is only $400 when the market price-tag equals $148,500.

The only thing you need is to pick sides with the most optimal variant for you. Our managers work round the clock, so you can count on our qualitative service round the clock. Find out more information on our official website or while contacting our specialists. We are always waiting for your orders because our main purpose is to transform the average pastime into an exceptional luxurious experience!

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