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McLaren Rental Miami Beach, Florida

It is not a surprise that most well-known automotive corporations started their way of development long ago, having participated in the Formula One races. McLaren is not an exception to the rule. This incorporation became one of the most successful participants of F1 competitions in the 20th century. But when the tendency to create supercars for everyday life appeared, McLaren brand easily transformed into the flagship manufacturer of the speedy iron horses with extremely high speed and powerful specifications. All the technical perks are combined with the awesome design and luxurious compartment for comfortable rides.

Our autopark includes one of the best McLaren-branded models. We offer qualitative rental services for those who are dreaming to become a temporary driver of this supercar. There is no need to buy all the racers you would like to try on the road. The MHP Exotic Car Rentals allows all the willing clients to book any bestselling tourer of the extra class.

Many potential customers face overchoice on our official website. There are many supercars to select. All them are available for consumers at an affordable price. We recommend taking a closer look at the McLaren powerful racer. Why particularly is this variant the best? Because this is a happy blend of modern designing solutions and breathtaking technical parameters. If you are searching for the ideal tourer for speedy drives, this is the best decision you should make without any doubts.

History of McLaren brand

By the way, the most frankly-speaking characteristics of the McLaren-labeled means of transportation is the F1 past of the concern. The professional racing sport gave to the experienced team of developers those exceptional opportunities to implement various techniques and innovations in their supercar conception. Having got an idea how to develop high speeds in the track, McLaren mechanics could improve almost everything under the hood this way to create an ultimate iron horse for everyday use. What other key events took place long ago and make this auto manufacturer reliable and very successful?

When does the McLaren story stem from?

Everything started in the middle of the 20th century when the global technological progress took place. When both World Wars came to an end, people began to improve the quality of their life. Many discoveries were done in the post-war period when all the world managed to recover after military actions.

Nevertheless, these awful years of struggles made people think about equipment, technical units, transportation, weapons. It means that both at the period of wars and after everything came to the end, many tanks, lorries, guns, and other items were created. Then, when the planet came into the stage of its recovery, the agricultural equipment became on-demand. The factories were rebuilt, new stations and plants were opened. Different goods were delivered from one place to another because people wanted to eat, to buy clothes, to purchase everything necessary for their comfort.

More about the former of the McLaren-labeled corporation

Bruce McLaren was born in 1937. His childhood was associated with his parents' workshop in New Zealand. The boy was crazy about vehicles and spent much time with his father. When he was 15, his sacred goal was to open his workshop and to help people in their repair needs. Having lived in a small town Auckland, Bruce was dreaming about new prospects, new achievements, new contacts. He decided to try his forces in local racing competitions.

The McLaren-labeled model range – before and these other days

Right after the first success, Bruce moved to Great Britain where the McLaren corporation was created several years later. It is worth noting that the founder of the McLaren company started to develop racing chariots first. M1A became a notable racer on the global arena of Formula 1. The New Zealand enthusiast did not want to stop and created one more racing model in 1965 named M2B.

There were different successful collaborations first, before the brand became independent. For instance, there were created several tourers together with Bentley and Mercedes-Benz manufacturers. The latest era of McLaren automobiles dates in the 21st century. McLaren-Automotive replaced the previous McLaren-Cars in 2010. Starting from this period of time, the best supercars appeared:

The notable feature of this model range is the absence of crossovers and sedans. All the chariots are sports cars that are highly appreciated by the luxurious vehicle lovers. By the way, many experts name the McLaren-branded logo one of the simplest in designing conception.

Renowned logo and rebranding

It is interesting to know that the first B.McLaren’s symbol was a kiwi bird. It can be easily explained because the native country of the famous British manufacturing corporation founder is New Zealand. Nevertheless, in some years it was decided to redesign the logo because the black silhouette of this exotic animal seemed in some kind old-fashioned.

In 1967 the emblem became colorful. Bright orange color appeared on the main sign of the McLaren-labeled racing team. The kiwi bird became smaller and its lines looked like its figure is in motion. The Speedy Kiwi was actually for the Bruce’s team only up to the 1980s. Then, the logo was significantly changed. First of all, the pattern of chevrons appeared on the emblem. Secondly, the name of the brand was presented in the bold type.

It is believed that the concept of a new logo came to the imagination of the sponsor – the Philip Morris incorporation. This organization faithfully supported the racer from New Zealand. However, some experts thought that new chevrons are also connected with the kiwi bird. The last rebranding campaign took place in the 1990s when Philip Morris as the main sponsor asked to make the logo more contemporary. The font was changed, and the quantity of chevrons became rather smaller.

Today's emblem contains only the name of the British brand with the “donga” atmosphere and zest together with the red-colored checkered flag in the style of Marlboro. Namely the founder of the successful supercar car-making holding stated that the idea was to picture rear wings that symbolize speed and power.

Concept vehicles to take into account

As we mentioned before, the McLaren-badged holding collaborated with Mercedes-Benz. There are three chariots that are still on the project stage. There are concepts of the following tourers:

  • R8 – very ambitious model but even now it’s only some idea and scratch.
  • R9 – even mechanics of the McLaren-badged team called this chariot as a “baby sports car”.
  • R10 – some hybrid one with the notable features of Mercedes-Benz but techs and perks of the British flagship holding.

Nevertheless, there are many breathtaking models on the modern market released by the McLaren-branded company. We offer reservations to the brightest ones. We provide high-grade service both for Florida state locals and guests of any resort city located there. Make your trip convenient and emphasize your status with the help of a furious steel beast. Our dedicated team will do everything to meet your expectations and sacred dreams to come true.

An alternative way to become a driver of McLaren-branded tourers

The MHP Exotic Car Rentals is a leading one when it comes to the rental services. And exotic automobile reservation is not the only option to count on. Our consumers can opt for the car delivery to any specified place, private driver for hustle-free journeys, and wedding cortege for the most important day of your family.

If you dream about reckless drive aboard this chariot, it is time to pay attention to all our available offers. We do not limit our clients. Everyone can count not only on the luxurious auto rental but choose other supplementary options to complement his or her order:

  • Yacht booking
  • Apartment reservation
  • Professional photo sets, and so on.

Our company provides airport transfer for the absolute comfort from the very arrival to the resort locations. Moreover, there are too many things to do during the limited period of your vacation. Do not depend on public transport and do not waste your time waiting for taxi. If you have a personal means of transportation, your trip is guaranteed to become very eventful, emotional, and exciting.

Take into consideration our additional option that will come in handy if you would like to capture a moment. Let it be a family weekend in Miami or a vacation week in Orlando. Or maybe you are a businessman with numerous meetings a day, and you dream about casual evenings and attractive nightlife next to the ocean and white beaches. Everything possible if you count on our assistance. To remember your business trip or crazy journey with friends, contact us to order services of the professional photographer!

Photo sessions with McLaren automobiles in Miami

Our photo-makers know everything about posing, ideal looks, and the best places where to do fantastic pictures. You can confide in our team of photographers because they are well-experienced and very talented. Especially, photosets are recommended to those guests of sunny Miami who have some special occasions during their vacation time. For instance, it might be a birthday party, anniversary, or even wedding ceremony.

This way you would never forget about any celebration or special events in your life that took place in this summer! Check some ideas for photoshoots that may help you to pick sides with the theme and other organizational moments.

Exclusive offer for Florida resort visitors

Your hangover or hen party might be unforgettable if you opt for our photographers and their skillful approach. By the way there are different ideas to realize. Some young people would like to try cosplay, having rented a luxury chariot and felt like a Hollywood star or some hero of the computer game. Everything is possible because you are in the most reliable hands! One more idea for families and faithful friends is to make a photo session with the gorgeous landscapes that are used for your backstage. It might be some snow-white beach and ocean waves or some natural park with tropical plants and animals.

Put on clothes of the same color, create a well-thought look, and relax. Do not think about good posing – just listen to recommendations of our professionals. Your family portrait, love story, or a wonderful photoset with friends should be comfortable and bring pleasure to all the participants of this exciting procedure.

Emotions and true feelings are always the most eloquent thing you should show. The photographer captures each your in-love sight, hugs, happy smile, surprising moments, and other notable sensations. Be tender or strict, be honest or in some kind mysterious. You will be impressed with the final result for sure!

Where your photo session can take place?

If you have come to Miami, there are many good-looking locations for this purpose. It can be South Beach, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, Everglades National Park, etc. Having booked a speedy McLaren-badged tourer, you have an opportunity to visit other Florida-based resort cities with unbelievable capabilities for sightseeing and photosets. Visit Orlando or Fort Lauderdale with their magnificent places of interests and take some pictures to remember about these moments forever.

If you are ready to make an order or even have some doubts, it is time to get acquainted with our pricing book on the McLaren model range. We would compare our rental costs that are affordable for any traveler with the retail price of the chariots for better understanding.

Retail and rental prices on McLaren-branded automobiles

Our autopark includes one of the best racers produced by the top-ranking British concern with the New-Zealand roots. This is a 570S model. Make a reservation of McLaren 570S only for $600 per day. This is a cost-effective solution for those who are dreaming about the powerful steel beast but is not ready to purchase it right now.

The notable feature of this automobile is its futuristic design with extraordinary radiator grille and zigzag diode lights around the branded logo. Additionally, the 7-mode robotic transmission makes each ride very furious and hot-extreme. This snow-white beauty is not so cheap – the actual price on the 570S model on the modern motor market is about $200,000.

Other offers to take into account

Our assortment of supercars is almost unlimited. Sometimes our clients change autos every day to try all these babes from our luxurious garage. Do not miss you chance to have a ride aboard the following hot-topic racers:

As can be seen, the wide selection of the latest entries of the modern automotive market is combined with a good pricing plan. You deserve the best rest, so plan your trip beforehand with the leading exotic service provider – the MHP Exotic Car Rentals.