Lamborghini Aventador Matte

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Security Deposit: $500-2000
Deposit is refundable after your trip

Includes: 100 miles per day I Extra miles $3/mile
Transmission: 6 Speed Automatic
Seats: 2
Engine: V12 6.5-liter
0-60mph in: 2.5 sec
MSRP: $730,000
Horse Power: 544

Almost everyone is dreaming about the Lambo furious drive. Lamborghini Aventador Matte is a striking representative of the brand family. The vehicle has incorporated the best features and became a landmark for the brand. Its aggressive interior is breathtaking and leaves no one indifferent. You can't just walk past such a horse without looking back. The MHP Exotic Car Rentals offers car rental at a bargain price.

Lamborghini brand history

The Lambo enterprise belongs to Audi, which in turn, is a division of the Volkswagen AG concern. Its specialization concentrates on high-speed and prestigious supercars. They accelerate the speed of more than 300 km/h and even higher. The first Lamborghini racing car debuted at the Turin Auto Show in 1963. Since that moment they have never given up top positions. Nowadays, the company produces up to 2000 vehicles per year. And this led to the fact that auto enthusiasts face a constant challenge. It is a serious dilemma which supercar to choose: Lambo or Ferrari.

What you didn’t know about Lambo

The history of one of the most progressive and coveted auto brands is as amazing and daring as the cars themselves. It resembles a race track that goes up and down. For example, the Lamborghini Company went bankrupt in 1978 and was sold to Chrysler, and then it was bought by Audi. Each new owner of the company added something new that made the brand better and more unique. Today Lamborghini has become the iconic vehicle in the world. Having this iron racer speaks of the prestige, wealth, and good taste of the owner. Other interesting facts are:

  • The smallest engine ever produced by Lamborghini was a V8.
  • The first Lamborghini 350GTV was released in 1963. He developed a space speed of 280 km / h for those times.
  • Lamborghini not only manufactures automobiles but also a range of products such as perfumes, women's shoes, and ASUS Lamborghini computers.

Worldwide known Lambo-branded models

Most of the models get names of the ferocious and famous fighting bulls in the Spanish bullfight. This breed was developed about 500 years ago. So, designers support and create an allegory for the power and irreducibility of their automobiles.
The most popular models all over the world are Diablo and Espada. If you are thinking about Lambo, you imagine these ones. They have become iconic steel racers.
Forget your idea of power. The Lamborghini Aventador Matte was created to embody a new image of a street sports car and become a symbol of the era. The Aventador is now in the present creating the future of the automotive industry. This model has become a true legend in the world of supercars and combines the traditional features of the Lamborghini brand with the leading technological innovations.

Photo sessions with Lamborghini Aventador Matte in Miami Beach

Car photoshoot is a genre of shooting for lovers of beautiful and powerful vehicles, and for those who love to take pictures of them! A creative photo session is a real work of art. Auto photography is becoming very popular all over the world.
A photo session with a vehicle should not be spoiled by restrictions and frames. If you dream of retro-style subject shots or professional themed filming in a convertible, but you don't have the right auto, it doesn't matter. You can always rent it. The MHP Exotic Car Rentals offers a wide selection of a range of exotic cars.

Good photo ideas

To light up eyes excitedly while viewing auto photos, the best option is the original photoshoots of cars in dynamics. They are made in motion, and the shooting is carried out from another wheelbarrow. This variant is the most successful since the driving dynamics are perfectly conveyed in the frame. But such work should be done by a professional photographer. The MHP Exotic Car Rentals cooperates only with real business professionals. Therefore, you will get quality pictures.
An interesting idea is to have a photoshoot of an iron tourer at night. We have additional equipment to illuminate the iron horse and people in the frame. You will get the result at the level of a glossy magazine.
Capture your best moments. The team takes care of all the difficulties in the organization.

Benefits of a car rental in the MHP Exotic Car Rentals

Do you want to enjoy your vacation without worries and problems? Contact the best representatives of the sphere. The MHP Exotic Car Rentals occupies top positions in the field of car-sharing and photo services for the following reasons:

  • The quality of the services. We love our clients and strive to fulfill their wishes in full.
  • Optimal price ratio. Anyone can afford to rent luxury cars. You can rent a car for several days or not for several hours.
  • Provision of additional services: photo session, airport transfer, personal driver, yacht rental, transport for the wedding ceremony.

Cooperation with the MHP Exotic Car Rentals can give you a positive experience. Feel like a VIP person.

Retail and rental price on Lamborghini Aventador Matte

Sports-racers of the Lamborghini brand are called iron beasts. It is not surprising because their power and the explosive roar of the engine resemble the roar of the king of beasts. To get such a thoroughbred stallion, you will have to fork out $730,000. But in the MHP Exotic Car Rentals, you can drive this handsome horse for only $1,600. The price includes 100 miles per day. Anything on top is charged at $3 per mile.

Other offers to take into account

For those who want to diversify their automotive menu, there is a large selection of iron horses in our garage. Also, look out for the following impressive and prestigious vehicles:

To describe the appearance of the model you are not enough just one word. Despite its modern design and outlook, it carries the bright and recognizable DNA of Lamborghini. Such models form the worldwide history of supercars. All vehicles of this auto brand are expressive at first sight.
Every detail is saying about its superiority. The car gives a truly unforgettable driving experience. Emotions do not leave you even when you turn off the engine. Hurry up and start our productive working together!
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