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Select a desired variant
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Get the dream yacht and enjoy the cruise
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Rent a Yacht or Boat Now

Every voyage lover dreams of going on a boat cruise. However, very few people can afford to buy an expensive yacht. Still, this dream may come true if you rent a yacht in Miami FL. Don't miss the chance to create unforgettable memories on board a luxury vessel. With Pugachev Rent Service you can do it with an excellent price and low deposit. Only here you may book the unique sea transport for four or eight hours. We guarantee that such an adventure will give you a lot of positive emotions.

To learn the detailed info and book a boat please contact our managers. We will provide the most beneficial offers for highly positive travel experience and your total satisfaction.


This company was founded in Holland in 2008 and its main direction is the development of premium boats with good power, maneuverability, and speed. That year was not the best for starting such a business, but the owner of the brand could show ideal characteristics for his yachts to become in demand.

Design is a special point, discreet, and modern. The first Van Dutch 40 became a legend, the whole item was sold very quickly and now you can enjoy it here. All products of this concern are very popular among world celebrities. Many models take part in various competitions and get first places. The service sector goes to Europe, Australia, the Caribbean, and the Middle East.

Photosets with fantastic yachts in Miami Beach

If you prefer to spend an unforgettable time, then our company will give you such an opportunity. You can not only use the rental service but also hire a private photographer. Surprise yourself and keep your memories alive. Our expert prepares the necessary equipment and accompanies you during your boat trip.

You can explore the coastal surroundings of Miami, see the beauty of the blue sea, and stop in a picturesque bay. Discuss all this with the captain, and he will show you the best sailing locations. Our photo maker would go with you and he'll catch the brightest and most wonderful moments. Such pictures have a high quality and there would be the best scenes for your trip.

From the sea, this city looks great and expensive. You'll see tall buildings, chic hotels, perfect beaches with delicate sand. Explore the other side of Miami and fall in love with this place. Our yacht makes the vacation more comfortable because we offer a wide set of services for the best possible pastime of our clients. If you dream of great images on a luxurious boat, then our professional will do his job very efficiently.

Assortment & Yacht Rental Price

In our dock, you may choose a suitable yacht for any occasion. Here are some of the most stunning points from the world's best manufacturers. Each watercraft has ideal performance, design, and speed. The developer companies have carefully researched the wishes of consumers, so they made their products comfortable and chic.

You can spend time very cool because all furious maritime racers have a qualified crew and different things for your pleasant vacation. You might browse our pier or catalog to choose the most interesting model for a bright day. Our organization offers:

42′ VANDUTCH – this true legend of its brand could be yours today. Stunning design with no frills, just classic and luxury. You don't need to buy it for several million, rent this beauty for $2500 for 4 hrs or $3500 for 8 hours. Enjoy the increased comfort and power of this boat. Many Hollywood stars and famous footballers prefer this particular manufacturer because each of its items is ideal.
48 FORMULA – simple and quite stylish yacht for a fun sailing trip. You can book this at an affordable price: 4 hours costs $2800, and 8 hrs of pleasure on this miracle – $3700. We select only the most unusual models to satisfy even the most demanding customers and this watercraft is an excellent choice.
52′ SEA RAY – this open motor yacht appeals to all lovers of this type of transport. This is convenient, excellent performance, and modern design of the exterior and interior. This model is very fast and maneuverable, so you can enjoy its speed on the open sea. Our company also offers two rental periods: 4 and 8 hours. The order prices are relatively low: $2800 and $3700.
68′ AZIMUT – this real queen of the sea could be yours for only $4700 for 4 hrs of an unforgettable journey. You can also change the rental time for 8 hours and this beauty will cost $5600. The capacity of this water transport is up to 12 people, so you might have fun with your noisy and friendly company. Our lineup from this brand is impressive, you can take a cruise on 116′ AZIMUT, 55′ AZIMUT, or 42′ AZIMUT.
65′ NUMARINE – this miracle looks very impressive because it is large and roomy. There are several recreation areas here, so you can organize your party and do a real celebration. This speedy vessel has a high speed and ideal parameters that real connoisseurs of this type of transport may appreciate. If you need 8 hours of swimming, the amount is $5800.
65′ MONTE CARLO – the perfect choice for a delightful seaside holiday. You may love the high level of service and technical performance of this steel queen. This watercraft has good capacity, she is fast and maneuverable. Explore all the beauty of Miami's coastal landscape with this marine fantasy. The rental price for 8 hours is $6000, and a 4-hour walk is $5000.
80′ FERRETTI – heartbreaking design for the luxury level. Such water transport would be a great addition to any event. Many of our clients order this not only for a holiday but also for important deals. Show your confidence by booking this beauty for $7700 to own it for 8 hours

Pick sides with an exclusive and spacious cruiser and have an unbelievable maritime journey! The full list with costs and special offers is available on the website in the separate-standing category.