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Rolls Royce Rental Miami Beach, Florida

Among all the top-ranking brands, Rolls Royce is one of the most legendary and brightest. This concern has a long history with numerous successful achievements and disappointing moments at the same time. Nevertheless, Rolls Royce-branded cars have always been associated with the highest quality and standards.

Our company provides car rental services for each willing customer. The real gems of our auto assortment are Rolls Royce-branded vehicles. Become a temporary owner of a bestselling car in the world. Reserve an iron beast that will impress you with its power, elegance, and speed. MHP Exotic Car Rentals Miami is your best choice while traveling, having a business trip, or other kind of journey in Florida!

About Rolls Royce Brand

The story of this automotive incorporation began long ago when Charles Rolls and Henry Royce decided to create and sell cars. It was 1906 when partners started their first concept of branded racer. The most significant stage of their business development was in the mid 70s when the model range was supplemented with new chariots. People liked innovative solutions and equipment Charles and Henry offered to consumers. New spin of success took place in 1998 when several entries were announced to be released.

In 2003, the automotive world knew about the four-door sedan Phantom that became available for sale that year. Reckless drivers were waiting for new tourers, and the release of the next sedan named Ghost was a real surprise for fans of this British motor incorporation. The Rolls Royce range of steel beauties was enlarged with the following hot-topic entries soon:

  • Wraith – a fantastic coupe with the most exceptional exterior and interior.
  • Dawn – the speediest convertible with really elegant style.
  • Cullinan – the spacious SUV that complimented this assortment of unbelievable autos.

The RR model range -  before and these latter days

Having named the most famous iron masterpieces of the British manufacturer, it is worth mentioning the dates of the latest restyling sessions. All the bestsellers have an extremely high popularity among drivers of different countries. These automobiles are associated with reliability, good quality, stylish exterior and interior.

Nevertheless, the highest demand of consumers is impossible without significant improvements. That is why the Rolls-Royce model range is regularly updated. Each racer had at least once or twice the restyling campaign. It means that the former variant can be even not similar to the present-day one. However, the main values are forever followed. According to owners’ words, they appreciate high standards, ultimate technical specifications, and exclusive style.

Let’s take a look at the most famous autos that never leave top lists of the auto marketing reports. These vehicles are true legends that make people crazy even these latter days:

  • Rolls-Royce Ghost 2022 - the story began in 2010 when the first version of four-sweater was released. Even now this sedan is a top-ranking iron horse both for families and young drivers. It is worth noting that the UK manufacturer announced the unveiling model named Ghost in 2006. It means that fans of the British motor concern were waiting for the pioneer racing queen for about four years. Their expectations came true because our mankind saw the real embodiment of elegance, speed, and luxury at once. The mysterious Ghost was restyled in 2014 (in 4 years as well) – its interior was changed. The RR entry includes additional LED lamps on the fore-carriage and updated design of its compartment.
  • Rolls-Royce Wraith – one of the latest discoveries offered by the UK auto-makers. This is an extravagant coupe that was shown first on the Geneva Motor Show in 2013. It is interesting to know that the ancestor of this speedy racer was invented long ago – in 1938. Some experts name Wraith some new version of Ghost. Like the sedan one day turned into the luxurious coupe. One more awesome fact about this model – the only launch took place two years ago. This restyling campaign made contemporary Wraith more powerful. At the same time, its exterior and interior are very similar to the former model.
  • Rolls-Royce Dawn – one more fashionable entry that was launched in 2015. The stylish convertible blew minds of numerous spectators of the Frankfurt Motor Show that took place the same year. The notable features of the Dawn four-seater are an awesome design and power. These perks were updated according to consumers’ demands in 2018. Now, the British racer is among the most fantastic convertibles of all times. It is worth noticing that even the former racer is well-sold nowadays.
  • Rolls-Royce Phantom – appeared in the recent-version type in 2017. It became available on the modern motor market in a year. But the story began in 2003 when Phantom was associated with the sedan configuration. The four-seater trim of the coupe arose three years ago. The most demandable version of Phantom is drophead car for now. A furious conqueror of highways and wavy roads is not as powerful as above-mentioned models because its horsepower showings are fewer than other coupes and convertibles in the RR-branded range. The drophead Phantom racer was restyled in 2018, having got an absolutely modern compartment and torpedo equipment for exceptionally convenient trips.
  • Rolls-Royce Cullinan – the happy blend of Phantom specifications and branded innovations. Its evolution is breathtaking because the five-seater is a real storm in the calm harbor of contemporary crossovers. Three years of restyling manipulations and experiments were worth the final result. An exotic SUV for families, friends, business trips. The title of present-day Cullinan is “Architecture of Luxury”, and this honorable phrase describes this spacious RR-branded racer the best way.

Concept vehicle to take into account

It is worth noting that each manufacturer has some projects in the development stage. The Rolls-Royce incorporation is not an exception. This holding obtains some concept vehicles as well. For instance, there are the following models that can become the real revelation on the present-day market:

  • 100EX
  • 101EX
  • 102EX
  • 103EX
  • Hyperion
  • 200EX

Renowned logo and ultimate design

Not long ago the British automotive incorporation redesigned its visual identity. Their emblem and logo were updated but did not lose their legendary graphical conception. For example, Spirit of Ecstasy became more similar to contemporary art. More elegant lines, more contrast was used for this purpose. At the same time, their branded logo where two capital R letters are used (initials of owners of the renowned corporation of the United Kingdom; first letters of the Charles’ and Henry’s surnames) now is accessible in color.

Designers offered the modern-styled version of the luxury car brand’s logo in blue colors. Double R sign symbolizes the long and difficult way to success of the UK auto-makers. Their initials (namely capital letters of their surnames) are placed on any branded goods of the manufacturing incorporation:

  • Caps
  • T-shirts
  • Posters
  • Social media materials
  • Advertising brochures, etc.

It is an iconic symbol that cannot be neglected during the procedure of rebranding. The only thing that designers decided to change was the external wordmark. The logotype became fresher and very good-looking according to the modern trends. Moreover, the RR-branded logo began to bring the perfect visual impact both on the Internet (websites, digital platforms, social media accounts, and so on) and in the physical world with its huge billboards, posters, etc.

Photo sessions with Rolls Royce cars in Miami

We understand that most of our clients would like to capture the moment. Moreover, if we speak about exotic vehicles, their unbelievable experience, and a wonderful trip to some Florida-based locations. Our company provides not only rental services in Miami but offers an extraordinary range of options that are not available in other US agencies. Besides airport transfer and delivery of rented automobiles, we are glad to present professional photo sets for people who value their time spent qualitatively.

Exclusive offer for Florida visitors

We provide experienced and talented photographers to save all the perfect moments of your journey to Miami or other Florida-based destinations. If you have an idea to realize, our dedicated team will make everything necessary to meet your expectations. For example you would like to take photos next on the territory of natural parks to demonstrate all the beauty and your elegant look there. Our specialists will help with the most suitable clothes, accessories to create a harmonized picture with a Rolls-Royce auto, picturesque landscapes, and your emotions.

Where to handle a photo session?

Florida is the American state where there is so much to see and to try. It is a small hospitable country with sunny weather, beaches, and places of interest. The MHP Exotic Car Rentals Miami company is located in Miami, and this fact makes our dedicated team more experienced, professional, and competent for willing consumers.

Here is a list of the best places to visit. Get acquainted with our helpful recommendations and put on your schedule od sightseeing the following variants for the extremely spectacular trip:

  • Miami Beach - snow-white sand and deep blue ocean water are waiting for travelers from any country.
  • Hollywood - everyone dreams to become a superstar and obtain as much fame and glory as actors, pop singers, and other celebrities. You may start your visualization here.
  • Everglades National Park – if you are searching for the experience to meet with subtropical wildlife representatives, visit this huge resort territory in Naples.

Rent an upmarket Rolls Royce model and do not forget about our supplementary offers like photosets, delivery of an auto, and wedding cortege. Now, we are ready to hang it all out on our pricing plan to assist you in planning your traveling budget.

Retail and rental costs on Rolls Royce automobiles

One way or another, it is worth mentioning both market prices on the Rolls Royce model range and our booking costs. First, even potential consumers will be able to compare sums and amounts of money they need to spend on their driving experience. Secondly, you understand the true profit of auto rental when you aspire to become a temporary representative of the upper-class society.

Who knows maybe you would like to become the owner of the RR-branded steel horse right after rental services in our company. So, here is a list of available models in our garage:

  • Rolls Royce Dawn – our agency offers the latest version of the convertible that impresses with its furious appearance and flowing lines. The restyled model is accessible on the modern market at rather high price-mark – about $557,000. Note that you can book this steel beauty anytime only for $1,200.
  • Rolls Royce Wraith – if you are dreaming about an exclusive coupe, this vehicle is the best choice. Our autopark contains two racers – in blue and white colors. Pick sides with the most optimal variant and pay only $800 a day for your unforgettable ride. The retail cost is rather expensive for an average impulsive purchase – be ready to prepare about $500,000 for the latest version of Rolls Royce Wraith.
  • Rolls Royce Cullinan – not all people dream about extravagant sports cars but everyone will be pleased to have a spacious crossover for long-distance trips. Moreover, if it is a branded entry with leather compartment and tender exterior lines. Our autopark is glad to perform this motor market novelty! You may try this steel beast that is notable with its safety and convenience only at $1,500. And then you will be able to decide if it is worth purchasing this SUV or not. By the way, its market price is about $333,000.
  • Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead – we provide the best vehicles and prove this fact with the help of our assortment. For instance, a breathtaking drophead RR-branded model in our catalog will steal your heart forever. Miami and other Florida-based resort locations require such a sophisticated 4-seater. Its rental cost in our agency is only $900 when the market pricing plan is rather expensive for average drivers – approximately $390,000.
  • Rolls Royce Ghost – it is like a black cougar that attracts all people’s attention in a second. This version of this four-seater is really impressive because the power under the hood perfectly harmonizes with the top-quality design of exterior and interior. The deep black color of the car body together with the bright red compartment is a wonderful combination for the most successful people. If you are not ready to buy this iron masterpiece for $298,000, rent it for one day at $800. Prolong your booking if you need more comfortable rides in Miami!

When it comes to car rental services, the MHP Exotic Car Rentals Miami is a number one. Confide your comfort to the leading agency in the USA. You deserve the best rides, the best rest, the best sensations!