• $7700 / 8 Hours
  • $6150 / 4 Hours

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Security Deposit: $500-2000
Deposit is refundable after your trip
Brand: Ferretti
Passengers: Up to 12
Yacht Length: 80 Feet
State Rooms: 4
Heads (bath): 4
Including Options: Jet Ski, Inflatable Island, Kayaks


It's not just a yacht, it's a full-fledged house where you can explore the ocean. On the main deck there is plenty of space for comfortable meals for 8-10 people. It turns out a unique dining room, the main advantage of which is a panoramic view.

The decoration pleases with elegance, sweeping lines and modern interior filling. This water transport will be the best option for successful people who want to enjoy every second of their vacation. The model looks bright and expressive. It catches attention with thought-out lines, neat edges and bright accents. In general, the silhouette is slightly stocky, balanced and energetic with spacious stern, expressive sides. Do you have plans to rent a boat in Miami? 80' Ferretti is a great choice!

Key distinguishing characteristics of the model:

  • Multiple stabilizers to minimize rocking
  • The use of composite materials to create a sturdy and lightweight enclosure
  • The control process is highly automated to increase convenience and safety
  • The yacht's noise and thermal insulation characteristics are at height
  • The model represents convenience and practicality
Rent a yacht in Miami at a pleasant price. Together with 80' Ferretti, the client gets additional options: kayaks, jet skis and inflatable island for active water-sports activities. It is luxurious, elegant, functional and comfortable.

Excellent alternatives are the sport yachts 69′ Aicon and 116′ AZIMUT. They will also delight you with their elegant design, functionality and comfort.
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