Mercedes C63 Cabriolet

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Security Deposit: $500-2000
Deposit is refundable after your trip

Includes: 100 miles per day I Extra miles $3/mile
Transmission: 9-speed, automatic
Seats: 4
Engine: 9-speed, automatic
0-60mph in: 3.7 sec
MSRP: $85,000
Horse Power: 503

The bombastic AMG C63s is one of the fastest coupes recently produced. You can't help staring with admiration as you see a passing Mercedes of Miami (Florida). Its expressive dynamic design produces great impression when floating along the streets.

Driving performance

Driving this auto is more than exciting. It responds to command immediately and feels the slightest hand movement.

C63s model adapts to your driving manner so it is you who sets the rules. Its impressive performance to:
  • Excellent engine;
  • Advanced suspension;
  • Driving mode options;
  • Responsive steering;
  • Driver assisting systems;
  • Safety monitoring.

Inside you will find contemporary technological features and premium quality finishes. The brand's classic elegance with a sporty blend revealed in details that provide a fresh and stylish look. Driving your Mercedes Benz Miami Fl is undoubtedly an exciting experience considering that Mercedes is especially known for its innovation development and a driver-focused approach. It is always a good option to lease a used Mercedes Benz for business or holidays. Spend a single minute of your journey to relax and enjoy the surroundings. C63s Coupe is the right choice for those who value time and quality of life.
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