Rolls-Royce Wraith Blue

Rolls Royce
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Security Deposit: $500-2000
Deposit is refundable after your trip

Includes: 100 miles per day I Extra miles $3/mile
Transmission: Automatic 8-speed
Seats: 4
Engine: 6.6 L V12
0-60mph in: 4 sec
MSRP: $320,000
Horse Power: 632

Our company offers affordable booking of the most fantastic steel monsters from famous world concerns. Here you will find exotic cars for various events and recreational purposes. In addition to ordering a luxury auto, we also could give you a private chauffeur, airport transfer, and a professional photographer. If you need transport or an amazing yacht, please contact our team.

If you like restrained and respectable models, then MHP Exotic Car Rentals will open a garage with wonderful racers for you. Take the Rolls Royce Wraith in a black color and show everyone your presentability and impeccable taste. This luxury auto is the most powerful of all models of this concern.

You will like a stylish interior made of rare wood and leather with 4 big seats, which would be comfortable for one person and a group of people. You should also appreciate the perfect stereo system, voice-activated navigation, and the best construction stability from the well-tuned suspension.

Rolls Royce brand history

This company started in 1904 thanks to the assertiveness of a simple mechanic and an aristocrat-sportsman. These gentlemen discussed their plans and interests to create a completely new car. They wanted to surpass the successes of existing auto concerns so that the new model had a more discreet and elegant style with high internal performance.

The first automobile was successful, but both brand owners wanted to do something more incredible, so they closely followed all the innovations in the field of technology and mechanical engineering. A few years later, the first car was modernized and its design became more modern and sophisticated.

Here everyone could feel the British aristocracy that became popular all over the world. Such transporting points were expensive, but they were in demand among high society. These are not items that could be bought by ordinary people; this is the standard of wealth and luxury. Now every car of this company shows incredible power and elegance. Many successful persons and world celebrities have several Rolls Royce in their garage to keep their intelligent status.

Striving for the ideal

Now, these steel monsters could be rented from our company. You shouldn’t waste a lot of money to buy this beauty - take it from us for any period. Our group offers a low deposit and the most affordable price to make such an iron beast yours for a day or a year. If you value perfect quality and sophisticated style, then this automobile is the perfect solution for any occasion. You would not be left without attention and could feel more confident and self-sufficient. Add a private driver service and explore Miami from the side of luxury and carefree.

Photoshoots with Rolls-Royce Wraith in Miami Beach

Now you may take a private photo maker in MHP Exotic Car Rentals to keep the highlights of your trip. Your car is a source of pride and you need to show it. The stunning Rolls-Royce Wraith looks super cool in black and will lure many admiring views.

This model features reinforced suspension and reliable wheelset, and the engine has also been improved to allow the automobile to reach higher speed. Such an elite transport will surprise you because exquisite style is combined with the best performance. There are many authentic places to visit in Miami and you might do this. Any location looks great if you take an image with our auto. Go to:

  • Everglades National Park
  • Bayfront park
  • Wynwood Art District
  • Cape Canaveral Kennedy Space Center
  • Bayside Market

Our specialist will advise you on unusual poses so that each photo is original. You can also offer your ideas to add variety to each picture. Spend time with your loved person or visit a business meeting, your friends may also be glad to be in the comfortable salon of this iron beauty.

Each client receives a set of great pictures that he can get in print and digital format. Remember this day and these emotions; with photos, it would be easier for you to do this. Enjoy your unforgettable time on social networks and share these vivid photos with your friends.

Our wonderful automobiles make every photo incredible; you will make sure your look is the best. Discuss the details of a photoshoot with our expert to make every image perfect. Also, our specialist makes high-quality thematic photosets.

Advantages of ordering a car in our company

If you have come to Miami and do not want to spend money and time buying an exotic automobile, then order it here. It's fast, inexpensive, and reliable. We attentively check the technical data of each item to keep our customers safe. Also, our team provides an individual approach to realize all customer requests.

You can browse our catalog and choose any auto or yacht. If today you prefer a chic Rolls Royce or want to feel the sea breeze behind the wheel of a Lamborghini or red Porsche then you will get it in 2 hours. Also, all our clients have appreciated the following benefits:

  • an affordable rental amount and low deposits
  • large assortment of steel monsters
  • airport transfer
  • full package of services
  • security guarantee
  • private chauffeur and photographer
  • 24-hour support for each customer
  • the ability to deliver any car around the country
  • description of each item
  • ordering for any period.

Retail & rental price on Rolls Royce Wraith

There are many models of this brand in our parking because we try to meet all your needs. Each car may be an ideal option for any occasion because each of them has its characteristics and advantages. Take a Rolls Royce Wraith in black color and rent it for $850 per day. This is the price for 100 miles and each additional will cost $3. We don't limit the time of ordering and are always happy to provide support. Booking of this iron horse is very profitable because its market value is $430,000.

Other offers to take into account

In our garage, you can also take other models:

Stunning Ferrari F12 Berlinetta for $800
New Rolls Royce Cullinan for $1500
Elegant Bentley GTC Mulliner for $780
Amazing Lamborghini Huracan Spyder for $1200
Legendary McLaren 570S for $600

Our company works in many places around the world to make exotic transport accessible to everyone. Many people travel or visit different cities for work or vacation, they cannot take their iron monsters everywhere. We make the most expensive cars available for rent so that you could enjoy the usual luxury or make your dreams come true.
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