McLaren 570S 2019

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Security Deposit: $500-2000
Deposit is refundable after your trip

Includes: 100 miles per day I Extra miles $3/mile
Transmission: Robot, 7
Seats: 2
Engine: 3.8L V8
0-60mph in: 3.2 sec
MSRP: $240,000
Horse Power: 570

In our company, you can take any expensive automobile at a rented price. It would be a profitable deal because MHP Exotic Car Rentals offers its clients favorable terms of cooperation. We will carefully check each transporting item and provide you with round-the-clock support and assistance.
Our aim is to make the most luxurious cars from the world's auto brands available to all people with different income levels. Our customers are not only famous and successful personalities but also residents of Miami who want to spend a luxurious time. From us, you can take a stunning steel horse and feel the pleasant taste of heavenly life with the most vivid emotions.
If you prefer gorgeous steel monsters that show incredible speed, then you may like the McLaren 570S model. This iron beauty might surprise even the most sophisticated people who always want to be on the move. The power of this transporting point could be compared with the best sports cars from Ferrari and Lamborghini, but it also has many personal advantages.
This chariot is designed to conquer new heights in technical performance, but you will also love its futuristic design. Such a car would be a chic addition to any look: become an elegant aristocrat, a racing lover, the king of the party, or spend an unforgettable evening on the seashore with your loved one.

McLaren brand history

First, it was the Bruce McLaren Motor Racing Ltd racing group which was registered by Ted Mayer and Bruce McLaren to compete in the Tasman competition in New Zealand in 1963. The victory brought success to the team and Bruce moved to Formula 1 as the demanded pilot. In 1970, he tested a new racing car and died. After 10 years, his team wanted to revive the company and began working with engineer John Bernard.

The first McLaren-branded market entry

The first McLaren F1 model was shown to the public in 1989 and it was a good step towards development for this brand. The company's achievements were noticed and appreciated, and a little later, it received an offer of cooperation with the auto giant Mercedes. The joint work went on for almost seven years and both corporations produced almost 2,000 excellent supercars.
It was a rewarding experience for McLaren’s trademark to move on. In 2013, this name revealed the first hybrid of the McLaren F1. To this day, the company continues to show incredible innovation and tremendous power in its iron horses.

More about McLaren 570S

This steel beauty has once again proved that McLaren is more worthy of maintaining its level and offers great sports cars with wonderful power and strength. Such a racer is still very popular, although a more recent model McLaren 650s appeared. But many auto enthusiasts remain faithful to the 570S because its characteristics are amazing:

  • the maximum speed is more than 320 km/h
  • the first hundred km it gives in 3 seconds
  • vertical door opening with a button
  • automatic and mechanical door system to get out of the vehicle if the battery runs out
  • a small display to the left of the speedometer shows the temperature of the automobile
  • chic expensive interior
  • fantastic design in the style of a racing chariot
  • quite a roomy trunk considering the size of the car
  • on-board computer with many new functions.

Photoshoots with McLaren 570S in Miami

If you want to become a real racer but do not have the opportunity or time to buy a suitable transport point, then now you can rent it here. Make a cool photoset to remember these moments, and we may provide you with a qualified specialist with the necessary equipment. Our private photographer researches the most wonderful locations and advises you the worthiest pose for incredible images.
Visit the main promenade to show your great auto for all, go to the Design District to enjoy various art elements. If you're looking for more creativity, Miami has the wonderful Wynwood. Imagine what super pictures you can make on the chic Lincoln Road.
Our photo maker will invite you to visit other more unusual places so that the backgrounds of the images might surprise even residents. This city has a special atmosphere that energizes. A rented sports chariot, its power, and speed will enhance this feeling of freedom and boundless adrenaline.

Why do people choose this car?

Many of our customers often take this racer because they love its speed and great sporty design. This steel horse would be a perfect way to show your high position and success. You may not complement your look with expensive accessories; this automobile is a great independent element. Visit a fun party by the sea, walk the streets of Miami, or create an extreme trip.

Retail & rental price on McLaren 570S

Browse through the MHP Exotic Car Rentals catalog to choose the right racer. We offer the most pleasant rental prices and excellent special conditions. Our team uses an individual approach to each customer’s opinion to make all his dreams come true. Take this steel beast for just $600 a day. The rent is very low and the market value of such auto is $240,000.
You pay the booking price for 100 miles, and the extra will cost another $3. We will take into account your recommendations and provide you with 24/7 technical support. If you need an airport transfer or a personal chauffeur then we will give it too.

Other offers to take into account

MacLaren is not the only brand in our autopark, we also have many other transporting points from world-famous names. Enjoy this power, speed, luxury, and comfort with the next chariots from our collection:

Our company will make your day bright and unforgettable if you take this luxury car for a walk. You will love the McLaren 570S's ideal parameters that can delight even the most sophisticated customers. This incredible speed and power are capable of amazing maneuvers on the road and now you can feel this energy.
Book a private chauffeur to keep your attention focused and explore the sights of this authentic city. Our prices and low deposits allow you to take any car, even with a market cost of 300-400 thousand dollars.
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