Ferrari 458 Spider Red

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Security Deposit: $500-2000
Deposit is refundable after your trip

Includes: 100 miles per day I Extra miles $3/mile
Transmission: 7-speed, automatic
Seats: 2
Engine: 7-speed, automatic
0-60mph in: 3 sec
MSRP: 300.000 $
Horse Power: 558

The most well-known automotive corporation is Ferrari. Why is this brand loved by millions of people around the world? The answer is very simple: because the manufacturer never provides low-quality motor vehicles. All the stages of development are notable with some legendary market entries that are associated with power, quality, respect. The story of the Ferrari-branded concern began long ago but the modern model range is especially brilliant.
The MHP Exotic Car Rentals provides qualitative car rental service for all the local people and guests of Miami and other FL-based locations. Florida welcomes tourists very hot. But not only with the help of local dishes, beverages, and natural beauty. The FL rental service provider number one is our agency. And our professional activity deserves your attention because we aim to simplify your routine tasks and make you more mobile during your trip.
To combine the useful with the pleasing, we suggest making a reservation for a Ferrari 458 Spider. The awesome sports car that makes people stare at you. Get the public attention and feel like a Hollywood star aboard. Imagine that you are a brave and speedy Vin Diesel in “Fast & Furious” and have a reckless ride through the highways and city streets!

History of Ferrari brand

Enzo Ferrari was dreaming about championships in racing competitions all his life. But now he is a legendary person who transformed races at all with the help of his self-branded vehicles. Formula 1 is impossible without Ferrari-labeled automobiles. The famous corporation was founded in 1963 that makes the Ferrari brand rather young in comparison with other flagship companies on the global motor industry arena.
By the way, Enzo was that creator who also designed a logo for his incorporation. The elegant horse that is depicted on the modern radiator grills was the idea of the renowned Italian enthusiast. The matter is that Enzo was responsible for horses in the army. He fell in love with these animals because the vaulting horse was a symbol of liberty, power, and elegance for the Ferrari-branded founder. But there are other legends to get acquainted with.

Renowned logo and ultimate design

Now, experts consider the emblem of the red-colored manufacturer as a sign of liberty, speed, and victory. By the way, the red color of the Ferrari racing team in F1 competitions inspired Enzo to create only red motor vehicles for sale. He aimed to have his own significant feature and to become an upmarket chariot producer.
The dream came true but the model range now complemented racers of other colors. It is well-understandable because even the most devoted Ferrari fans would like to see a colorful assortment that suits their demands and expectations. Let us take a closer look at the Ferrari 458 Spider to find out all about its peculiarities and specifications.

More about Ferrari 458 Spider

Some experts name this iron beauty as a lady in red. Its glimmers are similar to the woman’s beautiful eyes. The wheel disks are decorated with the original logo where the horse is rearing up. The yellow backstage makes the emblem well-visible for spectators.
This luxurious two-seater is a real masterpiece of the Ferrari-badged team of mechanics. It is extremely fast and safe at the same time. The red-colored exterior is a real embodiment of an exclusive sports car with vibrant lines and aggressive radiator grill. Take a closer look at the notable feature of the top-ranking racer with us:

  • 7-speed automatic transmission that makes your drive very soft and comfortable.
  • 558 horsepower under the hood that is responsible for the high-performance of the Ferrari-labeled chariot.
  • Innovative electrical specifications inside the model.
  • Outstanding suspension and awesome breakage system for risk-free rides.

If you have already picked sides and would like to know more about our rental terms and conditions, it is high time to inform you about our responsibilities, special offers, and supplementary options to take into account.

The MHP Exotic Car Rentals – the top-grade services all in one

We do not limit our clients. Together with luxury auto rental, we offer reservation of yachts, apartments, and other options. For instance, our clients regularly ask us about car delivery to some specified locations not to call a taxi or be dependable on the schedule of public transportation. Additionally, we provide the following supplementary services for you:

  • Chauffeur service – a private driver for your convenience.
  • Wedding cortege – the most brilliant white-colored steel horses for your bridal ceremony.
  • Photo sessions with exotic automobiles – a hot-topic option among the guests of Miami, Orlando, and other FL-based locations.

Photo sessions with Ferrari 458 Spider in Miami

Our photo-makers will make your dreams come true. The one-of-a-kind photoset will take place in the most picturesque places that our photographers know and would suggest. We create the best love stories, portrait shooting, and group photo sessions. Any desires are possible for realization.
For example, you would like to be a lady in red in the photos next to the snow-white Ferrari-badged tourer. Our stylists will recommend the best makeup for daytime shooting or evening sets. A proper look may also be created. For group pictures there are numerous tips as well. Contact our managers and get more information on our professional photosets.
It is high time to know all about our pricing policy and help you to plan your trip budget beforehand. Take a look at our pricing book and compare the affordable costs with actual market price-tags.

Retail and rental prices on Ferrari 458 Spider

The supercar is available for everyone only for $700 a day. Make a reservation for a one-day ride or rent it for a much longer term. The market price-tag is rather bigger because you become not a temporary owner but a lucky person who obtains the Ferrari-branded racer permanently. The retail cost is about $230,000.

Other offers to take into account

If you are planning to ride aboard several luxurious chariots, you should pay attention to the following list of gorgeous racers of other brands. We will mention their rental costs next to the model name (for one day):

Porsche Boxster for $250
Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster for $1600
BMW I8 Roadster White for $400
Lamborghini Huracan Spyder for $850

Welcome to Florida! The VIP rest or business trip with us is real. Make a fairy-tale yourself with MHP Exotic Car Rentals!
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