BMW I8 Roadster 2019 White

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Security Deposit: $500-2000
Deposit is refundable after your trip

Includes: 100 miles per day I Extra miles $3/mile
Transmission: Automatic
Seats: 2
Engine: turbocharged 1.5-liter
0-60mph in: 4 sec
MSRP: $164.000
Horse Power: 374

If you have a driving license and you are confident while driving not your auto, you can address car rental. There are many reasons for renting a vehicle. Your automobile may be under repair, and you do not want to change the usual style of life, or your work is associated with a lot of movements and you are used to solving many issues.
If you have to travel outside the city, on vacation, and your vehicle isn’t spacious enough or it doesn’t meet all your needs, you may choose a vehicle model that fits your purposes more. In case there is a solemn event or a responsible business meeting, you should consider renting a representative-class car, such as BMW I8 Roadster White.

BMW brand history

What is the best way to tell the story of an auto manufacturer than its emblem? The BMW logo is one of the most recognizable in the world. Due to its brevity and simplicity, it’s easy to remember, and also tells the history of the company. In its almost century-long history, the BMW logo has not changed dramatically.

The emblem creation

The first BMW logotype appeared in 1922: two intersecting perpendicular lines symbolize the propeller (a reference to the original brand activity). But what does the BMW logo mean? As for the color scheme, there are several ways of interpreting it:

  • white and blue sectors of the BMW logo denote the sky;
  • the tones broadcast the Bavarian flag. This point of view is held by the "Bavarian Engine Factories".


The lines on the emblem with which the circles are rounded become a light brown color. Letters of the inscription are printed in bold font. The central part of the logo remains unchanged.


The BMW sign changes the color scheme - letters and edges become white. Parts of the sector of the circle become blue to replace the navy-blue. The font of the inscription remains the same.


Symbols of the emblem get rid of serifs and become chopped. The bezel of the logo also gets a different look: it becomes much brighter. This symbol looks as similar as possible to the one used by the company now.

1970 - 80s

The design of the sign is now fundamentally different from its predecessors. It is primarily designed to be placed on motor vehicles. The pink color is added to the logo color. Besides, elements of not only blue but also dark blue shades appear on the sign. The shape of the icon also changes significantly: there are three semicircles of different colors around the central part that is placed in the middle of the emblem.


The logotype acquires the texture used by the brand at the moment. In contrast to previous design options, the volume is added to the logo. In other words, the brand sign is almost no different from the first BMW logos.

Advantages of ordering a car in our company

MHP Exotic Car Rentals offers you a wide range of automobiles of different classes, types, and models. Based on your preferences, needs, and possibilities, you can always choose exactly what you are interested in. Choosing a car rental, you can surely get at your disposal a fully functional auto, with a clean and well-groomed interior, ready for any trip.

Working with us you get:

  • Large auto fleet - there are vehicles from sports cars to SUVs, you can choose a car according to your priorities and objectives.
  • The number of days of rent is unlimited - you can rent for seven days, or twenty-seven, and even this figure is not final.
  • Favorable rental terms - you take the car on those conditions that suit you and are more convenient for you.
  • The priorities of auto-rentals - the comfort of tenants.

And finally, choosing a car rental, you get a vehicle fully at your disposal, and will not depend on the mood and likes of the cab driver; you will be able to plan the time and schedule of your trips yourself and, what is important, significantly save money to pay for the vehicle.
Nowadays, many companies are offering both car rental and cab services, but only with us, you will find an individual approach to each client and full compliance with the declared characteristics of the automobile.

Photoshoot with BMW I8 Roadster White in Miami

Being in such a picturesque place as Miami, you just have to capture these moments in your photos. A photoshoot with a car is a great way to make your leisure time more diverse. Such photo shoots allow participants to realize a variety of images, to convey different moods and characters.

Florida places to visit

An automobile such as the BMW I8 Roadster White will be able to emphasize your strong qualities and make your shots more stylish and elegant. As a place of a photoshoot, you can consider such sights as:

  • Miami Beach - a famous seaside resort.
  • Design District - the most expensive and status stores of the world designers are located here.
  • Lincoln Road Mall - the largest shopping street in the USA
  • Jungle Island - is a unique place where animals are represented by a cat family.
  • Lion Country Safari - park, with flora and fauna of the African continent.

Retail & rental price on BMW I8 Roadster White

The cost of BMW I8 Roadster White at the moment is $164,000. It fully justifies this price, but you don't have to pay it all. If you apply to our office, you can drive this elegant steel beauty for $400 per day.
If you are a true fan of this renowned brand, you can consider other rental options. Our fleet has BMW M850 for $350 per day and the BMW M4 Competition sport for $400.

Other offers to take into account

Our company has existed for many years, and we are constantly monitoring the appearance of new models. Here are some luxury cars that we can offer you at the moment:

Our fleet is represented by different brands and models, so each client can find a vehicle that suits him perfectly. To do this, just contact our office and our staff will help you make up your mind. You can opt for different supplementary services like a private driver, car delivery, and yacht & apartment reservation.

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