Porsche Boxter 2019

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Security Deposit: $500-2000
Deposit is refundable after your trip

Includes: 100 miles per day I Extra miles $3/mile
Transmission: Automatic
Seats: 2
Engine: 2.5 L 4-cylinder
0-60mph in: 4.9 sec
MSRP: $60.000
Horse Power: 330

Luxurious cars are available for everyone now – you can order any steel horse with incredible power in MHP Exotic Car Rentals. Our team will prepare any transporting item in just two hours and you will receive a full range of services with technical support. Browse our fleet and find a suitable model for a wedding, party, birthday, business meeting, trip, and others.
We’ve chosen the most magnificent chariots from the world's best corporations; each auto is a unique vehicle with fantastic design, incredible speed, and power. Experience this unforgettable feeling when you are behind the wheel of the stunning Porsche Boxster, jeep, sedan, or as a passenger in a respectable limousine. Each of our iron monsters is a real masterpiece of automotive art.
If you prefer only Porsche, then this corporation surprises with every new auto. Internal and external parameters are getting better and more modern. Explore the interior and exterior of each model in our garage to find the right item and feel an amazing speed. We offer unique sports cars from this manufacturer that always surprise even the most selective and demanding customers with high demands.

Porsche brand history

The company was officially registered in 1931 by Ferdinand Porsche. He had a lot of experience in engineering, so he wanted to expand the boundaries of his knowledge and create new engines. The first automobile was shown to the audience in 1939 and it became the progenitor of all subsequent models. Such a chariot had perfect performance and interesting design, but many auto enthusiasts saw familiar moments from the popular Volkswagen Käfer item.
During wartime, Porsche switched to the creation of heavy tanks and staff vehicles. It was a profitable production because every transport point had wonderful quality and power. After certain accusations, Ferdinand was sent to prison, and his son continued the business of this corporation. The concern improved the cooling system, gearbox, design, suspension, and other elements so that each subsequent racer was more innovative.

The way to success

In parallel, the brand sponsored the participants in racing competitions and showed more luxurious sports vehicles that helped to get the first place. After certain ups and downs, this manufacturer tuned in and chose a specific direction – sports cars are still in incredible demand.

More about Porsche Boxster

The debut of the first model was in 1996 when the car had a soft roof. A little later, the company showed an improved version that had a removable top part. Until 2019, many interpretations were released and each of them improved in technical parameters.
Engine, cylinders, gearbox, power supply system, drag coefficients – Porsche engineers have carefully modernized each element. The design of the auto also changed, but it showed a special retro style with the addition of new trends in super sports automobiles.
In 2019, the Porsche Boxster has become completely different, the appearance has remained recognizable, but the technical data has been completely updated taking into account new automotive technologies and the project development of engineers. Many people call it “a truly sporty selfish car”. But this model also showed:

  • a stopwatch that helps to measure lap times that goes on a sports track
  • modern design with certain retro notes
  • maximum speed was increased to 260.7 km/h
  • valve timing VarioCam Plus Boxster has become more powerful by 5 horsepower
  • the suspension quite gently fulfills the relief of the canvas
  • widened track, completely redesigned chassis.

Photoshoots with Porsche Boxster in Miami

If you take this car to emphasize your ideal taste and special style, then the MHP Exotic Car Rentals will also provide you with the services of a private photo maker. You may get many bright pictures to leave memories of a wonderful time in Miami. Our expert will choose the most suitable backgrounds so that each image would be authentic and our racer will decorate your photo.
You can make a thematic photo set to come up with an unusual image. Such an automobile is an ideal solution for retro images and racing style. A professional photographer with high-quality equipment will accompany you throughout the day; he will choose the most unusual locations and advise on stylish poses. If you have creative ideas, please share them with our profy photo maker. Together you will make the amazing pictures that will stay with you in different formats.

Best places for photosets

Many places in this city might be the best decision for interesting photos. Visit the Everglades for wildlife viewing. Drive to the central promenade to see the ocean, palm trees, skyscrapers, and noisy parties. If you love contemporary art, then Wynwood will surprise you. Many residents and tourists of Miami prefer to see the luxurious villas that are available to visit.

Retail & rental price on Porsche Boxster

If you like transporting points from this brand, then take the magnificent Porsche 911 4S or the stunning Boxster at an inexpensive price and with a low deposit. Our company offers more favorable conditions so that any car becomes yours without the need to purchase it. Our garage is large; there you will find many chic autos from the best world concerns. Fantastic appearance, high speed, excellent maneuverability – all this you can feel with the stunning Porsche Boxster for only $250 per day. The market price for this super racer is $60,000.

Other offers to take into account

In our auto fleet, you can choose incredible cars for any event. If you’re looking for a comfortable jeep for a long trip we have the wonderful Range Rover, if you prefer a cabriolet we will offer an amazing high-speed model like the Lamborghini Huracan Spyder. Also, each client can order an expensive limousine for a bright party or wedding.

The most popular chariots of our parking:

Mercedes S Cabriolet for $500
McLaren 570S for $600
Bentley GTC Mulliner for $780
Porsche 911 4S for $500
Rolls Royce Ghost for $800

Our company provides every client with a full range of transport rental services; we also offer a private driver and photographer. If the customer wants to get a car in another city in this country, then he discusses the time of delivery with our team. We care about your safety and our group carefully checks and tests each model so that you get an ideal automobile at a favorable rental price.
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