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Lamborghini Rental Miami Beach, Florida

When you become a successful businessman and would like to highlight your status, the best way to do this is to purchase a luxury car. However, there are so many supercars on the modern market to choose? It is difficult to pick sides easily. The wonderful solution for those who are not afraid of experiments and are crazy about furious automobiles is a car rental service. Our company provides fast and cost-effective reservation of branded autos that combine both the latest designing conceptions and powerful technical parameters.

One of the most high-demand models are Lamborghini racers. These supercars impress even the most exacting clients. Hot colors, vibrant lines, stylish compartment, and robotic transmission for extremely speedy and safe rides are those notable features of Lambo-labeled chariots to take into consideration.

If you are a true fan of Lamborghini concern and its model range, it is time to know more about this renowned Italian manufacturer. The MHP Exotic Car Rentals is not only the reliable rental service provider but your guide in the exciting world of automotive discoveries, supercars, and famous motor incorporations.

Lamborghini Rental at MHP Rental: Explore the World of Supercars

MHP Exotic Car Rentals is the place where your dreams of driving a Lamborghini become a reality. If you are striving for adrenaline, style and incredible driving sensations, then renting a Lamborghini at MHP Exotic Car Rentals is your way to the world of supercars.

Lamborghini: The Legend of Speed and Luxury

Lamborghini is a symbol of exclusivity, innovation and speed. Each car of this brand is a work of art created using advanced technologies and outstanding engineering solutions. Each Lamborghini model is an individual creation that is admired.

In MHP Exotic Car Rentals you will find a variety of Lamborghini models for rent, starting with the iconic Lamborghini Huracan and ending with the powerful Lamborghini Aventador. Each model provides an indescribable driving experience, from breakneck speed to impeccable handling.

Why is Renting a Lamborghini at MHP Exotic Car Rentals Your Choice?

  • Power and Emotions: Lamborghini are cars that trigger adrenaline. Let yourself feel the power and aggression of these supercars.
  • Luxury and Style: Lamborghini are not just cars, they are works of art. You will attract admiring glances wherever you appear.
  • Professionalism and Service: MHP Exotic Car Rentals is an agency that pays great attention to its clients. We provide outstanding service, support and advice.
  • Flexible Rental Terms: We offer flexible rental terms to meet your needs. Rent a Lamborghini for a day, weekend or for a long time.
  • Unique Experiences: Lamborghini Supercars offer a unique driving experience that you will remember all your life.

How to Book a Lamborghini at MHP Exotic Car Rentals

Booking your Lamborghini is easy. Just contact our team and we will help you choose the right model and agree on rental dates. Whether you need a Lamborghini for a special event, a tourist trip or for simple pleasure, MHP Exotic Car Rentals will make your dream come true.

Renting a Lamborghini at MHP Exotic Car Rentals is a journey into the world of exclusivity, style and driving pleasure. Open the doors to the world of supercars and feel the real power and style in every ride.

Retail and rental prices on Lamborghini-labeled automobiles

Our assortment includes five gorgeous Lambo-badged chariots that will make you persona notable in any place of the USA. Complement your trip with the rented steel babe of the top-ranking Italian auto-maker. Both spacious SUVs of the new generation and supercars of the ultimate sports design are accessible in our catalog.

Who knows, maybe after several rides aboard the Lamborghini automobile you will decide to purchase it! That is why we are glad to present not only our rental pricing plan but the retail costs as well. This way you can compare the market offers with ours. See your real profit and confide in us when it comes to your trip organization. Here is a list of available Lambo-labeled models:

  • Lamborghini URUS Yellow – the gem of the collection because its vibrant lines, spacious compartment, and automatic transmission with 641 horse power blow minds of each driver. It is a brilliant crossover that will not stay unnoticed on the Florida highways and nightlife city streets of Miami, Orlando, and other locations. Rent this yellow-bright racer at $900 per day to arrange your family trip well.
  • Lamborghini URUS Black – if you would like to try the same model but in black color, this is the best variant for your traveling. Choose this racer with the eye-catching appearance and powerful aerodynamics with an improved engine for $1,200 per day. If you would like to become the owner of yellow or black URUS, be ready to pay about $207,000-210,000.
  • Lamborghini URUS White is another URUS model presented in white. Its elegant design and aggressive lines attract attention on the road. Inside you will find a luxurious interior that combines comfort and functionality. URUS White promises dynamic driving and outstanding performance. With this Lamborghini model, you will make an impression in any situation.
  • Lamborghini Huracan Spyder – the hot-topic tourer of the well-known Italian manufacturer where deep black color combines perfectly with the bright reddish compartment made of high-grade leather. This is the ideal example of the powerful sports car. Our rental price will satisfy even the most exacting clients – we offer a glamorous Huracan Spyder racer in black color only for $850 while its market cost is rather high – about $230,000.
  • Lamborghini Huracan Performance is the pinnacle of engineering and performance. The heart of this beast is a powerful 5.2-liter V10 engine capable of producing an amazing 640 horsepower. This power allows the Huracan Performante to accelerate to 100 km/h in just 2.9 seconds. With advanced aerodynamics and lightweight construction, this supercar is designed to achieve outstanding results on the track.
  • Lamborghini Aventador Matte – the 6-speed supercar in the attractive graphitic color will make people stare at you and your means of transportation. Make a reservation of this chic babe right today only for $1600 a day. Besides significant performance, you will be able to experience its speedy mode of driving. To purchase this motor masterpiece, prepare about $422,000.
  • Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster – one of the latest entries that deserves your attention for sure. The high-tech filling and exciting red exterior will make people crazy about this racer. We guarantee that you might fall in love with this awesome chariot. Its rental cost is $1,600 per day. Aventador SV Roadster is accessible for sale on the market for the $460,000 price-tag
  • The Lamborghini Huracan EVO is a true symbol of power and performance. Equipped with a 5.2-liter V10 engine, it produces an impressive 630 horsepower and is able to accelerate to 100 km/h in just 2.9 seconds. Modern technology and advanced aerodynamics make the Huracan EVO one of the most impressive sports cars to date.

The MHP Exotic Car Rentals is located in Miami to assist guests of the Florida-based resort cities and small towns when it comes to the question of the luxury item reservation. We do not limit our clients because our specialists are ready to provide a full suite of services 24/7. Our experienced managers will help each willing consumer to find their ideal solutions for family traveling, business trips, and other occasions.

About Lambo Brand

As usual, the story began long ago when the founder of the Lambo-badged company was a young and ambitious fellow. Ferruccio adored motor vehicles from his childhood. He studied in the Bologna engineering school and was dreaming about his own business from the age of 17.

But life is life, and the Second World War became the main reason for any ambition breakage. People stopped to dream, and started to be useful for their country. Ferruccio went to the army, and was fond of any mechanisms there. He assisted the military mechanics, having fixed lorries and other means of transportation.

When the II World War came to an end, F.Lamborghini began to transform military technical units into agricultural equipment. It was very important for Italy during the stage of the post-war recovery of the country. Tractors became in high demand among workers, developing companies, and other public structures. Ferruccio understood that it was his chance to run his own business right now. That is why he decided to create a dedicated team of skillful mechanics and other experts to produce tractors for Italian people.

Now, almost nobody would believe that such a luxurious auto-maker made a specialty out of heavy trucks and other giants in the 1950s. But it is true, and this experience helped the founder of the Lambo-branded concern to create exceptionally qualitative tourers that are well-known around the world.

Renowned logo and rebranding

The logo of the golden bull on the black backdrop had appeared even before the corporation became an auto-maker. This symbol is well-understandable because the Italian enthusiast F.Lamborghini had a Taurus zodiac sign. He believed that this animal was lucky for his undertaking processes and influenced his business progress. Who knows, maybe this is a really successful emblem that put over and led the brand to the list of top-ranking companies.

By the way this car-maker is a vivid example when there were no significant rebranding campaigns at all. The golden Taurus is pictured on the contemporary Lambo-branded supercars as well. Today the logo is brighter and has more volume due to the modern designing conceptions. Nevertheless, the emblem stays the same and has not changed any features and colors yet.

Conflicts could turn into a progress

Ferruccio loved his manufacturing process and tried to modernize any detail for better performance. The world saw the ultimate tractor produced by the Ferruccio's team in 1955. The production of this technical unit was on the global scale. Lamborghini decided to enlarge his business, and started to produce heating systems for Italian houses and other commercial objects. This business was really successful and brought enough money to the enthusiastic Italian mechanic and his colleagues.

One day Ferruccio went to one more renowned Italian motor masterpiece manufacturer - Enzo Ferrari. F.Lamborghini saw some problems in the clutch of the Ferrari 250 GT tourer. Enzo was angry and asked his opponent not to disturb him anymore. E.Ferrari considered Ferruccio a tractor maker who had no idea about automotive peculiarities. But this conflict was significant even for the Lambo-badged company development. The decision was clear - the ambitious Italian team of experienced and talented mechanics started to produce automobiles.

The Lambo model range - before and these other days

The story of Lambo-labeled supercars began right after the quarrel between Ferruccio and Enzo. The former of the Lambo incorporation aimed to prove that he was able to succeed in motor manufacturing. And not only while producing tractors for agricultural purposes in Italy, but when it comes to the comfortable and qualitative means of transportation for people.

The first model that came to the market under the badge of Lamborghini was Brazilian Grand Prix. Right after the debut on the automotive arena, the Lambo corporation became one of the most renowned manufacturing magnates on the global scale. By the way, the supercar that was the first entry of the former tractor enterprise took part in racing competitions and proved the fact of its unbelievable speed and promptitude.

Now the model range is rather rich – consumers can face the overchoice because there are many variants to choose from. One of the most best-selling furious chariots is Lamborghini Huracan Spyder that impresses with its vibrant lines, powerful specifications, and stylish exterior.

Concept vehicles to take into account

Some Lambo-labeled projects stayed the conception only. However, their presentation took place. Numerous spectators had an opportunity to see the beauty of Lamborghini-branded autos on the world motor shows in Paris, Rome, and London. Here is a list of the most notable tourers:

  • Estoque (2008)
  • Sesto Elemento (2010)
  • Egoista (2012).

If you would like more than concept vehicles to be pleased of, you need to take a closer look at our catalog of the Lamborghini-labeled babes. Each of the available models can be rented easily in a remote mode. Imagine that tight after your arrival at the Miami airport some of Lambo automobiles is waiting for you next to the plane. It is possible with our supplementary option of the car delivery and airport transfer. Get more information on the wide range of our services.

An alternative way to become a driver of Lamborghini-branded tourers

Anything you are planning in Florida could be even more awesome with our luxurious apartments, yachts, and autos. Make a reservation of one or even several Lamborghini racers to feel all the taste of the high-standard entertainments and lifestyle at all. Our pricing book will complement our assortment. And all additional options like wedding cortege, private drivers, and professional photo sessions will create a VIP atmosphere around your persona.

Photo sessions with Lamborghini cars in Miami

Imagine that your happy moments from this summer can be missed and forgotten in some period of time. You have a perfect chance to capture the moment and collect all the live emotions and feelings in your album! Our photographers are here to create magic with the help of their cameras, attributes, and picturesque Florida-based views. Are you ready for the magic day with our photo-makers? We are waiting for your call!

Exclusive offer for Florida resort visitors

We know everything about the most gorgeous locations that will harmonize with your photoshoot looks, your mood, and other peculiarities of the photo session. Explain our photographers about your demands and desires – they will offer several interesting ideas to realize.

There is no bad place if you are a driver or a passenger of the Lambo racer! It means that your aspirations will be taken into account and come true like your sacred dreams. Here is a short bead-roll of the most popular locations for exclusively fantastic photo sets!

Where your photo session can take place?

First of all, you can have your photoset somewhere on the beach or in the suburb of any Florida-based resort city. The natural beauty complements the elegance of your Lambo tourer, your posing, and your fashionable look. Speaking about the most suitable locations for photo sessions, it is worth mentioning the following ones:

  • Tampa FL - the hospitable city with numerous things to do and places to visit. Natural parks, beaches, night clubs, aquariums, and noisy streets may become the best background for your trip pictures.
  • Orlando FL - one more destination for those who want to have unbelievable photos. The city welcomes its guests with a warm atmosphere of cozy restaurants, delicious local food, and numerous possibilities for sightseeing.
  • Sanibel Island - the gem of the FL resorts. If you are searching for the high-level rest and natural beauty, this happy blend can be found there.
  • Pensacola - the biggest port of the Florida harbor that is among other most-visited places in the state. You can make a reservation not only of the Lambo racer for traveling there but opt for our impressive selection of yachts and add some maritime charm to your journey.

Our agency works 24/7 to meet your requirements in a full scope. Additionally, we think about your traveling budget, so our catalogs contain special offers, discounts, and supplementary options to take into account. For instance, all the Lamborghini-labeled iron horses could be rented at an extremely affordable price right today.

Check our pricing book on all the assortment items online, having visited our official website. It is time to take a closer look at the market costs on the Lambo model range and compare them with our budget-friendly price-tags. Plunge into the world of the VIP service and regular customer support with the MHP Exotic Car Rentals.

Miami Sights: Along the Road in a Lamborghini

Renting a Lamborghini in Miami is not just a means of transportation, it is a source of incredible impressions and an opportunity to walk through the best sights of this vibrant city with a special style and speed.

Here are some iconic places worth visiting while driving a rented Lamborghini:

  • South Beach. One of the most famous beach areas in the world - South Beach, is located in Miami. Take a ride on Ocean Drive in your Lamborghini, feel the sea breeze and enjoy the views of palm trees and the ocean. This place is ideal for relaxing and admiring the views of a car masterpiece.
  • Art Deco Historic District. Renting a Lamborghini will allow you to feel the Art Deco atmosphere by walking through the historic Art Deco quarter in Miami. Here you will find many buildings decorated in this style, and this place is great for photo shoots.
  • Wynwood Walls. This unique artificial quarter offers incredible street art, graffiti and installations. Visit Wynwood Walls in your Lamborghini and immerse yourself in the world of street art.
  • Little Havana. Little Havana is a cultural area where you can taste authentic Cuban dishes, listen to live Latin American music and feel the atmosphere of the Caribbean. Your Lamborghini will attract admiring glances in this picturesque area.
  • Everglades. Take a ride in your Lamborghini to the Everglades National Park, where you can take fascinating water excursions, see alligators and get acquainted with the unique flora and fauna of this amazing place.
  • Cathedral Basilica of St. Mary (Cathedral Basilica of St. Mary). This Catholic cathedral church, built in the Neo-Gothic style, is one of the business cards of Miami. Make a stop to enjoy the architectural splendor and peaceful atmosphere of this historic place.

Renting a Lamborghini in Miami will allow you not only to enjoy a unique driving experience, but also to make a trip through this picturesque city even more unforgettable. From sea shores to cultural areas and natural wonders, your Lamborghini will turn every journey into a story that you will remember for a long time.

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