Lamborghini Huracan LP610 Spyder

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Security Deposit: $500-2000
Deposit is refundable after your trip

Includes: 100 miles per day I Extra miles $3/mile
Transmission: Automatic
Seats: 2
Engine: 5.2L V10
0-60mph in: 2.9 sec
MSRP: $321,000
Horse Power: 610

General characteristics

Huracan LP610 Spyder was first presented at the motor show in Geneva in 2014. This Italian supercar possesses the highest characteristics like other well-known Lamborghini racers. The model combines the power of Aventador SV Roadster and the incredible comfort of URUS. The car's outstanding performance and charisma is due to the implemented innovative technologies and premium Italian design. Huracan gained popularity shortly after it was introduced to the public.

Many people dream to ride this mighty 2-seater and to experience the real speed on the highway. And although the price of precious automobiles like this is barely affordable, today you can easily rent exotic cars in Miami.

Burn the wind, be in the high light, enjoy your exciting open-air ride with the roof dropped down, hear the engine roar as you accelerate, leave it all behind and have the time of your life with the brilliant companion. Rent Lamborghini Huracan lp610 Spyder 2018 in Miami and start your unforgettable adventure!


This sophisticated sports car has become the trademark of Lamborghini.

Its recognizable appearance includes:
  • Streamline roof
  • Drop-down top produced from light material
  • Huge wheel arches
  • Triangle LED lights
  • Uncommonly built air intakes
  • Well-rounded and slightly pushed-in body shape.
The interior of the car looks stylish and provides maximum convenience to the driver. A neat and intuitive dashboard makes you feel familiar with the car and drive it without any difficulty at first try.

The high level of comfort is due to the following aspects:
  • Use of genuine leather and Alcantara upholstery material
  • Specially designed adjustable seats
  • Easy-to-use dashboard with a 12,3' display
  • Side screens that protect the salon from wind and outside sounds when traveling down-roofed.
Technical peculiarities

Huracan remains obedient and maneuverable even ah extreme speed. This was achieved by the use of innovative materials in the production of the core. The composition of carbon fiber and aluminum sufficiently reduced the weight of the chassis and at the same time improved its rigidity. Magnetorheological fluid capsule that is fitted in the suspension, helps to smooth out road defects by providing immediate reaction to any surface irregularities.

EAS and the new intellectual Dynamic Steering system upgrade driving experience and help to optimize the turning circle. Rear sensors along with the back-eye camera enable the driver to park the car easily.

The roof folds in 14 seconds. It is produced from light still firm damage-proof material. You can operate the top by a relevant control button on the dashboard.

The sports car ensures safety for both the driver and the passenger. There are special metal arches that automatically move up in case of emergency, thus, protecting the travelers from injury.

Lamborghini Huracan LP610 Spyder 2018 rental in Miami is a chance for you to test this brilliant racing car and to show your perfect taste. This luxury vehicle will point out your adventurous character and high status.
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