Rolls Royce Dawn White 2022

Rolls Royce
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Security Deposit: $500-2000
Deposit is refundable after your trip

Includes: 100 miles per day I Extra miles $3/mile
Transmission: Automatic 8-speed
Seats: 4
Engine: 6.6 L V12
0-60mph in: 4.9 sec
MSRP: $346,300
Horse Power: 563

If you are searching for a speedy racer that will significantly emphasize your high status, we recommend taking into consideration a Rolls Royce-branded model range. These chariots have ultimate design and powerful technical specifications. Rolls-Royce Dawn that was released in 2022 is especially noteworthy.

The MHP Exotic Car Rentals makes a specialty out of automotive masterpiece provision and other services that would turn each visit to Florida unbelievable. We know everything about car brands, peculiarities of each modern model and are glad to share with you interesting facts and actual information on special offers of our company.

About Rolls-Royce brand

Charles Rolls and Henry Royce are the founders of the renowned British auto-making corporation. From the very beginning two friends and partners aspired to produce the most convenient and stylish motor vehicles. The story of the UK-based corporation started in 1906 when the automotive market was too poor to estimate it.

Nevertheless, Rolls-Royce collaboration became one of the most successful in the history of the motor industry. But each car-maker faces different problems and difficult situations on their way of development. Let’s take a closer look at the brightest events of this brand development together:

  • 1970s – the new chariots complemented the model range. The Rolls-Royce corporation became popular on the global motor market.
  • 1988 – release of the Rolls-Royce Phantom that is still in the top of the supercars’ lists.
  • 2003 – new versions of Wraith, Phantom and Dawn appeared. These roadsters made people crazy about entries of the well-known British manufacturer.

The renowned logo and rebranding

It is worth noting that the conception of the Rolls-Royce logo is well-understandable. These two capital R letters symbolize initials of the company's founders. Everyone knows the main emblem of the British concern.

By the way, the first significant rebranding campaign has taken place this year. The Rolls-Royce incorporation decided to refresh their brand identity elements. At the same time the main idea was not to spoil the legendary graphical conception of the logo. Designers decided to change the color to make the symbol lighter and less aggressive. Now, the Double-R logo has a tender blue tincture that seems more fashionable and well-modernized. Additionally, the emblem had extra volume that was noted by experts and Rolls Royce fans.

RR-model range perk - Rolls-Royce Dawn

Its eye-catching exterior contains massive designing elements that form a unique image with vibrant lines and unbelievable charm. Besides attractive appearance, the Dawn model has powerful specifications to take into account. Its 8-speed transmission is absolutely automatic that simplifies any maneuvers on the road. There are four seats to place three passengers together with a driver. Take a closer look at other notable features of the RR-branded racer:

  • A speedy chariot with 563 horsepower under the hood.
  • An awesome combination of a high-grade leather and wood in the luxury compartment.
  • Dawn can be transformed into the elegant cabriolet in one touch.
  • Well-thought exterior and interior elements - the latest technical items aboard, wind and noise protection, supplementary customized settings.

We offer to rent an exclusive Dawn version of Rolls-Royce at an affordable price-tad. Count on our professionalism, individual approach, and a wide range of supplementary offers. Besides chariot reservation, we are glad to suggest a chauffeur service and a car delivery. These options will simplify your routine tasks when it comes to transportation purposes in FL locations. Additionally, you can book a luxury apartment in Miami or order a wedding cortege for your ceremony. One more special offer to take into account is professional photo sessions with our dedicated team!

Photosets with Rolls Royce Dawn in Miami

Steal the limelight and capture all the magnificent moments with our skillful photo-makers. You will feel like a Hollywood star next to the luxurious auto. Our photographers will help you with posing and searching for a proper location. Here only some of places in Miami where you can handle a photo session aboard or back of the Rolls-Royce Dawn car:

Bayside marketplace - there are many entertainment capabilities because the marketplace is located right in the bay. Drink delicious beverages, try tasty local food, and enjoy evening shows under the sky.

Vizcaya gardens and museum - change locations and backgrounds easily. It is the place of experiments. Turn into the lady from the 15-16th centuries of just take some photos outside the villa. Both flora and architectural design are treasury here.

Little Havana - this is always a good idea to make your photoset more vibrant. You can create a Cuban look with the help of a cigar and BOHO accessories. A white hat or a flower-pin will harmonize with the mood of any Havana party there.

Opt for a wide range of service and cost-effective trip planning with our managers. We will be pleased to assist you with the automobile selection, airport transfer, and other helpful aspects. The Florida visitors deserve a VIP approach to their persona! Compare the retail and rental price-tag on a masterpiece from the RR-branded assortment with us.

Retail and rental price on Rolls Royce Dawn

It is worth noting that this roadster is one of the most expensive modern automobiles on the market. Its retail cost is about $557,000. But it is not a surprise for RR brand fans because this is a real steel beast with furious mode of driving and ultimate design. The MHP Exotic Car Rentals suggests you not to spend extra money for such a high-sky purchase.

Get an extraordinary experience of riding only for $1,200 a day! If you would like to take a closer look at other available offers, check the following list of market entries that became accessible for sale during last several years:

Mercedes Benz G550 – make a reservation for $800 per day
Porsche Boxster – extremely attractive rental price ($250 a day)
Bentley GTC Mulliner – a retro-styled chariot for $700 per day.

It is not surprisingly that Dawn has always been under the public radar. Almost all Rolls Royce-labeled automobiles are considered bestselling. Our company has prepared an exclusive offer for you - rent a Rolls-Royce Dawn in Miami to make your vacation or business trip more comfortable and exceptionally unforgettable. The affordable pricing policy and a top-notch experience is guaranteed.

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