BMW X7 2020

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Security Deposit: $500-2000
Deposit is refundable after your trip

Includes: 100 miles per day I Extra miles $3/mile
Transmission: Automatic
Seats: 6-7
Engine: 3.0L, V8
0-60mph in: 7 sec
MSRP: $93.000
Horse Power: 340

BMW X7 was designed by German engineers and is a real competitor for many cars of the same configuration. The new crossover is equipped with adjustable shock absorbers, which are controlled using pneumatic springs as well as advanced electronics, and a special system allows the car to lower and rise by 8 cm.

Right now you can rent a car in Miami for any period. Take advantage of the service today and enjoy all the benefits of the new BMW X7 crossover.

Interior and equipment

The model is made in a classic Bavarian design and is distinguished by large size. The spacious leather interior is equipped with 6 or 7 seats, which allows both children and adults to fit comfortably in the car even on the third row.

The primary set of equipment includes:
  • climate control system with 4 modes;
  • premium acoustics;
  • power windows;
  • side and front airbags;
  • car control system via smartphone;
  • projection displays;
  • advanced satellite alarm;
  • parking sensors;
  • satellite navigation;
  • engine control with one button.
An extensive package of options allows you to drive without any effort, and an improved protection system contributes to the safest and most comfortable driving on a BMW X7.

Rent a BMW X7 2020 in Miami, a BMW M4 Competition Sport 2019 or a BMW M3 2020 can be completed in minutes on the most favorable terms.

Features of the BMW X7

Due to the improved technical characteristics of the car, you can control the car by gestures, voice or a multi-function joystick on the center console display.

If we talk about the distinguishing features of the car, they are:
  1. Particular climate control in the rear seats. This peculiarity is not included in any series of German BMW cars.
  2. The front seats are orthopedic with massage function, and the rear seats are installed according to the scheme 2:2:2 or 2:3:2. Each chair is heated and equipped with adjustable position.
  3. The space between the first and second row of seats is maximally expanded, which provides a comfortable fit for passengers on the last row.
  4. The roof is glass with a large panoramic view and LED lamps that create beautiful graphic pictures.
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