Ferrari Portofino Spyder 2019 White

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Security Deposit: $500-2000
Deposit is refundable after your trip

Includes: 100 miles per day I Extra miles $3/mile
Transmission: 7-speed robotic
Seats: 4
Engine: 7-speed robotic
0-60mph in: 4.5 sec
MSRP: $280,000
Horse Power: 600

According to the latest experiments, the strongest association people have with speed and power is Ferrari racers. Long before this incorporation made a specialty out of the Formula 1 racing vehicle only. But now we have a new era of the automotive industry where Ferrari-labeled chariots can be seen on the streets.
The MHP Exotic Car Rentals aspires to make your image even more eye-catching with the help of luxury tourers of top-ranking brands. Count on our dedicated team when it comes to the car rental services in Miami, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, and other Florida-based resort cities. The FL state is a real gem of the USA with white beaches and ocean waves. At the same time, our fleet is a pride of Florida and the real thing for all the guests.
Attention, most of our clients face the overchoice. So, we decided to make your decision easier. No complications if your reliable assistant is the MHP Exotic Car Rentals. In this embarrassment of riches, we recommend to pay attention to the Ferrari Portofino Spyder White. But first, let us talk about Ferrari brand history in short.

Ferrari brand history

Enzo Ferrari was crazy about racing and motor vehicles all his life. It is not a surprise that finally he created a renowned concern that is considered one of the biggest in the world. It is worth noting that the logo that depicts a horse means not only the poor love of Enzo to these animals. There is a legend that the former of the Ferrari-labeled incorporation required to take care of horses in the army.

The Ferrari-labeled model range –before and these other days

First, the range of Ferrari-labeled vehicles contained only racing automobiles that took part in the Formula 1 competitions. The Scuderia-Ferrari team was a champion of races many times. The list of the most famous and the fastest speedy chariots for F1 participation is presented below:

  • F2004
  • F2003-GA
  • F2008
  • F10.

The real perk of the nowadays model range from the Ferrari-labeled automaker is Portofino Spyder in white color. Everyone who sees this iron beauty desires to appear aboard this auto. Together with other furious automobiles that now are available on the modern automotive market, this Ferrari-branded masterpiece demonstrates luxurious exterior and extremely powerful technical performance.

More about Ferrari Portofino Spyder White

A snow-white coupe with convertible features will impress even the most exacting spectators. Besides its stylish appearance where all the vibrant lines that seem the embodiment of tenderness effectively harmonize with the one-of-a-kind massive radiator grille. The horse is placed here as well. It is impossible to imagine the renowned model without the original logo!
It is worth noting that this convertible is not similar to the chariots of the same type of other brands. There are four seats that give an opportunity to place a driver and three passengers with top-high comfort. The bi-turbo engine makes each ride the best one. Ferrari Portofino Spyder in white color can speed up very quickly. Your radar will show 60 miles per hour only in 3.5 seconds. The transmission of this magnificent auto is robotic 7-speed.
All the crush-tests shew that the coupe is extremely safe because of the automatic way of driving and upgraded electronic systems aboard. It is useless to emphasize your attention that a compartment is made of high-grade leather. Everything looks well-thought – no odd details and extra elements that spoil the whole picture.

Advantages of car rental in Florida

The MHP Exotic Car Rentals makes you plunge into the world of luxury and VIP approach. When you book an automobile, any schedules of public transport and taxis are useless. Do not wait for a bus or do not try to catch a taxi late at night. Your iron horse is waiting for you in our fleet. Additionally, your reservation can come with other helpful options. Take into consideration that our dedicated team obtain other special offers like:

  • Yacht rental
  • Apartment reservation
  • Chauffeur service
  • Airport transfer
  • Automobile delivery
  • Professional photoshoots.

Never forget to capture a brilliant moment you would never blip from your memory. Our photographers can complement your family album with new pictures from your last vacation. You would like to share these gorgeous photos with your friends on social media for sure.

Photo sessions with Ferrari Portofino Spyder White in Miami

Usually, travelers find out a lot of information about places of interests in the resort city they are going to visit. Nevertheless, our talented photo-makers know even more than you can imagine. Where to capture the best sunset? What part of Miami Beach is the most picturesque for photosets? All answers are ready. Just count on our recommendations and describe your requirements. Having opted for our experts, you will be informed about the secret places in Florida with awesome beauty, perfect images for photo sessions, and many more!
Let’s be back to our white-colored Ferrari-labeled babe. It might perfectly harmonize you and your dear and near ones who are with you here. Know more about our affordable rental costs and compare them with the market price-tag on the Ferrari Portofino Spyder White roadster.

Retail and rental prices on Ferrari Portofino Spyder White

Our offer is rather budget-friendly for those who like to travel with a high-level comfort. The Florida-based adventures might turn out to be unbelievable aboard this first-class sports car. Pay only $900 to reserve this Ferrari-branded convertible for one day. Note, that we have special offers and discounts for standing clients. You could book any automobile for several days or even for several weeks without any problems.
The retail price-tag seems sky-high for average people and rather expensive for those who have higher incomes. It costs about $212,000 now. Who knows, maybe you would fall in love with this supercar and purchase it soon! But if you still have some doubts, take into account other autos that are available in our garage and waiting for a speedy drive:

Our company suggests you to make a reservation for any steel beast with its unbelievable appearance right now. Feel all the benefits of the car rental service right today. Be unlimited in your moving and visit even more places of interest than planned before.

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