• $3700 / 8 Hours
  • $2800 / 4 Hours

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Security Deposit: $500-2000
Deposit is refundable after your trip
Brand: Alfamarine
Passengers: Up to 12
Yacht Length: 60 Feet
State Rooms: 3
Heads (bath): 3
Including Options: Snorkeling Gear, Inflatable Island, Noodles


The boat body has a V-shaped monohedral stern that ensures optimal watertight work under the conditions of any yacht movement. Apposite flybridges make it easier to pass at an intermediate speed and increase the boat's maneuverability in ports. The path and the bathroom staircase are withdrawable. The spacious cockpit includes a comfy sofa, and a multi-functional wardrobe which is equipped with various useful accessories. The dashboard ensures a flawless visibility. At the same time the canopy is produced from special fabric possessing exceptional qualities and can be used even in severe marine conditions.

Here are its key features:
  • The length of the vessel is 18,9 m, the width – 4,57 m
  • The material of the body is fiberglass
  • The draft equals to 1,4 m
  • 3500-liter fuel tank.
Rent a yacht in Miami, South Beach, make yourself comfortable onboard and enjoy every minute of your exciting voyage. The main deck of the charter is designed for full relaxation: here you will find big sunbeds, a lounge, a dining table, a shower, and a sunshade.

Yacht rental in Miami is the ideal option for short sea travel. Make up a custom route and spend the delightful time under the shining sun. The fresh sea air and the unlimited opportunities for recreation provided by the luxury Alfamarine 60 will help you get fully restored.
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