Ferrari 488 Spider Red

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Security Deposit: $500-2000
Deposit is refundable after your trip

Includes: 100 miles per day I Extra miles $3/mile
Transmission: 7-speed automatic
Seats: 2
Engine: 4.5L V12
0-60mph in: 3,4 sec
MSRP: 300,000 $
Horse Power: 570

MHP Exotic Car Rentals offers to rent an expensive racer at an affordable price and with a low deposit. Now you don't have to pay full price to take the wheel of a luxury cabriolet or powerful sports car. In our company, each client will find a suitable automobile for different events.
Our goal is to give you favorable conditions and the best quality service. Safety and customer satisfaction are very important to us. Our team will prepare any auto very quickly, we need at least about 2 hours. The renting period is different, take any transport for a year or a day. Now your dreams of a luxurious life may be realized, and we will provide all kinds of help and support.
If you want to feel incredible speed with the Ferrari 488 Spider, then get this steel horse at a nice price. Fantastic design, bright red color, ideal power, and strength characteristics – enjoy it now because this iron beauty could be yours for any period. This chariot is one of the most demanded in the brand's model range; its parameters and appearance are amazing.
The interior and aerodynamics have been improved and this iron beast is an improved version of the Ferrari 458 Italia. Here we see the recognizable design but more innovative points. The car also has two variations where the addition of “488 Spider” means that this item has a roof opening for the cabriolet version.

Ferrari brand history

This Italian company created racing automobiles and was a constant sponsor of the world-famous racers. The brand started work in 1947 and such cars became more popular among other participants in international competitions. The manufacturer became bigger and Enzo Ferrari wanted to move on. The technical data of his chariots were excellent and such concern still makes the best autos for Formula 1.
The company needed to meet the demands of new customers and the decision was made to develop sports steel monsters with the incredible speed of the racetrack. Buyers appreciated these transporting items and the corporation became even more successful. Now this name is associated with ideal sports cars that have become the standard of luxury, power, innovations, and high speed.

More about Ferrari 488 Spider

The first model was shown in 2015, it was a closed version. The brand featured this as a new view on the past Italia 458. Also, some public found certain comparisons with the Ferrari California T. Many design features have been updated although many auto lovers have seen the same echoes in design. There were almost 80% more new parts in this car, it has received the new chassis, wheels, and modified aerodynamics.
In 2018, there was a new variant and it had 720 horsepower. The use of turbochargers has become an important element in the impact on CO2 emissions, and this figure has been reduced by 15%. Also, the electronics of this iron horse can turn off the engine when the racer stops to save fuel level.

Photoshoots with Ferrari 488 Spider in Miami

This gorgeous car might be your add-on if you want beautiful pictures. Order a personal photo maker and make the best images in this city. You can choose any location for a wonderful background, or discuss the details with our expert.
There are many unique places for authentic pictures in this town. If you like street art then visit Wynwood, for romance lovers there is a stunning promenade where you may enjoy the most beautiful sunsets on the planet. Lincoln Road or Ocean Drive is a must-see and the coolest photos could be taken there.
If you are looking for quality images with our fantastic Ferrari 488 Spider, we will give you this at a great price. Take this iron beast and our photographer to keep pleasant moments. Each picture will make you remember the bright time you spent in Miami.

Ferrari 488 Spider benefits

If you like sports cars, then you may respect the features of this model that can be appreciated immediately. Not only the design but also the interior here is amazing. Such a racer would be an excellent choice for any event to show your high position and good knowledge of the auto industry. Its advantages:

  • Maximum speed – 327 km/h
  • The transformation of the aluminum cover takes 14 seconds
  • The panel in front of the passenger has a small screen with a speedometer, tachometer, and current speed number
  • The first 100 kilometers go in 3 seconds, the second in 5.7 seconds
  • Double wishbone front and four-link rear suspension
  • Electric power steering.

Retail & rental price on Ferrari 488 Spider

This adorable steel monster could be yours for $1,100. This amount goes for one day but you can choose different rental periods. Our team works very quickly, you get any model in just two hours. This is very beneficial if you do not want to give away the full market value of $422,000. We will prepare a full package of documents so that you can make sure of the legality and reliability of the MHP Exotic Car Rentals.
The rental amount goes for 100 miles, if you want to continue your journey, then each next mile will cost $3. Feel the incredible power and speed of this Ferrari and you would be delighted. Visit Miami and make a great gift for yourself. We will provide you with round-the-clock support and help you to solve any situation.

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Our clients are regular customers who value luxury cars and want to feel like the kings of the road. We offer the most convenient rental conditions so that any expensive automobile becomes yours at the lowest price. Make your day bright and unforgettable to give yourself amazing emotions.

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